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  1. What you are asking is working on a similar principle now, and for many centuries.

    The fact is that the currency that is used in the modern world is only a tool for obtaining your potential happiness. And therefore it is only an intermediate link in the process of being-creating-receiving.

    The concept that you are implying excludes mediation between your activities and your sense of happiness. But this model already exists and depends on your mood and perception, and happiness in it is not the result, but the process of activity.

    With your approach, there is a hope to exclude the intermediate stage of using the tool (money) for the result of the activity, and responsibility for its use.

    It may seem that under the model of the world, when happiness is a payment for activities, you will always be happy. But this can serve as a delusion, if you believe in it, you can blame the current system, which exists because happiness itself is a unique indicator for every person on Earth and it is impossible to create a single payment for everyone.

    It is worth considering whether thinking about this concept of being is a subconscious attempt to justify the lack of supposed happiness in your own life.

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