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  1. God is beginningless and infinite; He is being in Himself. God never began to be, He always is. God is also called the Creator, He created the universe, with trillions of galaxies, each of which has about three hundred billion stars. We live near one of these stars. Everything that has a beginning will end sooner or later. Consequently, the universe will eventually cease to exist, and the Sun will go out even earlier, if it is not destroyed by some cosmic catastrophe. Even earlier, the Earth may die, for example, from a collision with a large asteroid. Humanity can destroy itself even faster with wars, epidemics, man-made disasters, etc. However, God will remain unchanged.

  2. If humanity disappears, and it will certainly disappear (not all of us will die, but all of us will change), then this does not mean that God's laws of the world order, such as gravity, electricity, and bio-life, will disappear.

    And even if you look into the past, almost everything existed before the appearance of man on Earth.

    Everything can disappear only by the will of the Creator of everything, if He turns off the laws of our world. If the Logos stops creating the world.

    This is how a programmer can turn off the execution of the program (Logo) of this site and give you a com – ” Hmm. We can't find this site (mir).”

  3. The answer is that humanity will not disappear. For as long as his goal of separating Good from Evil is not fulfilled , the chain of births and deaths will not break. All the more so if, let's say, God understood that he could disappear, as a Higher Being, He would take all measures for the future. The most interesting thing is that He did so) So for Him – be calm!.. Thank you for taking care of those who created you)

  4. The absolute cannot but contain its own limited states, through which it is aware of itself. Whether humanity continues to exist or disappears, it will find a way to realize self-consciousness.

  5. That which is not manifest cannot disappear. Humanity is only one of the forms of perception of the so-called Creator or God or the Absolute or Unity or infinite unknowable diversity or intelligent infinity or intelligent emptiness or…..and so on until you get tired of making up names for someone who doesn't have names (or all of them). Humanity is only an instrument by which perception is formed in a separate plane of being. This is the “area” in which new individuals are constantly arriving (corresponding on the basis of identity) and others are decreasing (out of the range of perception), due to which the evolution of both the individuals themselves vertically and the social consciousness horizontally (plane) occurs. It is an instrument consisting of many individuals, whose images (sparks) are projected into the depth of the self (Creator). This means that humanity (as a social aggregate of individuals with a certain range of perception) does not exist in one density of being, but in many densities. This means that the disappearance of humanity in one density of space, absolutely does not affect the development of those remaining in other densities (dead end branch). Even if this instrument disappears at once in all densities, it means that intelligent infinity will limit the knowledge of itself from the position of perception of the instrument (from the position of many individuals of its own level and their collective consciousness of its own level). How can this be? Maybe, if the need for the tool has disappeared (the only possible logical conclusion from our position). But this is difficult to even imagine specifically from our position of perception, and even more so to imagine the reasons for this. For us, this can be considered not knowable. Make your own conclusions about what God is to you, what it means to be, what it means to disappear, and so on.

  6. My opinion is as follows. The beginning of everything is a person. This means that humanity will never disappear. Rather, God can disappear if humanity completely forgets about him. However, humanity is not homogeneous, it consists of several civilizations based on different spiritual practices. Some of them are based on the spiritual practice of faith in God. Diversity, in my opinion, is a fundamental property of the universe, so most likely such civilizations in one form or another will always be present in humanity.

  7. “If” is just a fantasy.
    If I'm a billionaire, what will I do?
    If extraterrestrials exist, will we fly to visit each other?
    If the pension starts at the age of 30, how long will people be happy?
    Those. for me personally, these are impossible phenomena.
    This is a question for non-believers to fantasize, but for me-this will never happen.

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