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  1. If you don't have any internal barriers and don't consider this a deviation from the norm, then you can. Pay attention to the fact that over time (age) views change and often in adulthood we repent of the actions committed earlier.

    Probably the main mass of people from committing crimes is restrained by the threat of punishment. Someone is the law, someone is faith. But there are also those who do not rob, kill or steal for internal reasons. However, the limits of what is acceptable are different for everyone. One person thinks that it is bad to steal from relatives, but it is possible to steal from a bank, and the other from the state. The third one puts a barrier in size. Chewing gum in the supermarket is acceptable, stealing a bag is bad.

    Actually, for this purpose, laws were invented, as well as the justification of general life principles in religion. Co-existence in society (collective) should be subject to certain rules. Otherwise, society will fall apart. This is a matter of population survival.

  2. This is not a very correct statement of the question – if you are not an atheist, then technically this does not prevent you from killing or robbing. God does not interfere in any way with the actions of a person – a person is endowed with free will. The difference is that if there is no God, then there is no clear answer whether these actions are evil on the absolute scale of morality (and whether there is an absolute scale at all, most likely it simply does not exist). That is, being an atheist, you can do these things and think that there is nothing wrong with them, but being a believer, you know for sure that this is an evil that can at best be justified by something (that is, at least – needs justification). An atheist, in theory, may not consider such actions evil at all. Or, for example, to believe that such a thing as “evil” simply does not exist.

  3. Yes, you can. Even if you are a believer, you can still do it.

    Society defends itself against people like you because they don't like being killed, raped, or robbed. One of the forms of such protection is religious postulates. The other is a prison. The third one may be suitable for you. Guess which one.

    I don't know why you “know” that they won't put you in jail. OK, you may be the son of a prosecutor in Putin's Russia, but the relatives of those killed may also take revenge. And not through the judicial system.

  4. You can't, really. If you don't have any deviant behaviors. The reason, by the way, is very banal and simple – it is not faith in God as an omnipresent judge that determines the ban on such actions. First of all, these are the usual morals of society, while following which it makes absolutely no sense to eat children and set fire to nursing homes. The public will not appreciate this in a positive way, which means that these actions will not bring any positive aspects for you. And if so, then there is no sense in these actions for a psychologically healthy member of society (on the part of society).

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