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  1. It depends on what exactly that person did. For the murder of a dear person (and even more so a child), I would definitely execute him. And I do not exclude that in the most cruel way. It all depends on the severity of the crime.

  2. A rhetorical question. I probably would have, even if I hadn't gotten away with it. I already wrote in one of the questions that I have a unique gift that is both my salvation and my curse. I am one of the 0.5% of people who are prone to violent crime. That is, I can safely kill a person and consider myself a hero. There can be no question of any conscience.

    The advantages of this are that it makes me stronger than people who are bound by the idea of humanism (I am a categorical opponent of this idea). The disadvantages are that the society built today on excessively humane principles, so I understand my inclinations purposefully raised from myself a nerd who is weaker than even women.

    I understood that if I swung, then with my constitution, I would easily kill a person in a fight. And this is a prison. In the end, I decided that I was safer as a nerd.

    Well, if I knew that I would not be punished, then what is it all about?

  3. Experience suggests that revenge is not necessary. For example, in my life, all the people who caused me some trouble-they have already paid for themselves, they have already punished themselves completely on their own.

    So no, I don't see any point. He will suffer soon enough.

  4. You are a direct artificer (urrovnya) First you need to ask him – For what?.. Maybe I'm a little guilty of provoking him to do this. Or it's just a sick nutcase. Then death is a long absenteeism. And if this chellovek (also imagine) would be you yourself. Did you want me to kill you, or did you prepare a whole bag of excuses to save your pathetic hide?..)

  5. No. Our lives are usually broken by our loved ones,and you will not kill them, even if there is nothing for it. My conscience will torment me later… Also, are you sure you haven't ruined anyone's life yourself?

  6. No, just because it's pointless and won't help me in any way. This would only make sense if I was inextricably linked to this person and he still continued to influence my life. For example, I would be his prisoner, or married to him, without the possibility of divorce, otherwise..just imagine, you have no money left, no relatives, no hopes, and here you are killing a person, killing the remnants of humanity in yourself, and it doesn't make you feel any better

  7. no.. Not at all… I probably wouldn't even have told him anything, just let him deal with his own conscience. He may have forgotten that he ruined my life…

    Well, I would spend energy on it. And I don't recommend it to you. You'd better fall in love..

    It's so good:))))

    Thanks for the question.

  8. If killing me would restore and mend my broken life , I would. So that that bastard wouldn't be able to ruin other people's lives in the future, no doubt he would. As revenge (suppression of evil) – would kill. And I don't need any guarantees about whether I can get away with it or not. But if he did apologize and repent, he'd give me a kick in the ass and a spit in the face, and tell me to get out of my way and never let me see him again. Somewhere like that or so. And you, who asked the question, first bring it, and then ask. Or what, weakly-the guts are thin?

  9. But the question is not correct. Your life is already broken. So it's just a matter of revenge. Which won't change anything. And the question will be-would you kill a person for fun? I'm not Raskolnikov. From the bottom of my heart, I would like him to experience what I experienced because of him. And let him enjoy life. If he can.

  10. I don't see the need.My life can only be broken by myself or the Creator, I can handle everything and everyone else, I don't even doubt it.

    And why kill anyone at all?..when a broken person can punish himself morally, because no one has canceled conscience yet,and sooner or later it will give voice to any person…

  11. Who would you bring to me?) My father, perhaps?) No, I wouldn't do anything to him, he's my father, they don't take offense at their relatives. This is stupid. On my wife too….)))))))

  12. And what kind of revenge is this – murder, well, the person who wants revenge will not suffer as his victim suffered from the consequences of his actions, but will simply rest in peace, or without… if you make it worse for yourself , you'll take a sin on your soul. The only thing you will teach others is not to act like that person, they will know that retribution is possible

  13. If possible, he would make it necessary for him to ask people for help for a long time ,but he would bring people like him to him ,who like not to help ,but to laugh and mock ,in short ,to bring all such people together in one place .that would be something significant .and so just kill ?I'm not just a fan of seeing agony .it was hard for me to kill a piglet every time .
    6u and under a fresh memory it could well be .

  14. I'm used to doing only what gives the end result. If I kill the person who broke my life , will it make my life better? No. So why would I kill if there is no result?

  15. The man who ruined my whole life, I would have killed without your kind offer! And I wouldn't have felt the slightest twinge of remorse! But, since she would kill for sure (up to the control shot in the head), the death of a nonentity would be too luxurious a gift for him. Therefore, no! Let him suffer long and hard for the rest of his life.Knowing its destructive tendency, I'm pretty sure of it.It often happens that we can not even imagine all the twists of fate, as in a month from a person there is only one shadow due to a serious illness. Well, or a brick will fall on your head 🙂

  16. Hardly)) moreover, there is no such person : about the ex-boyfriend and schemer, because of whom I had to quit my money job, I can not say that they just broke my life, and the rest harmed even less))

  17. Only if it is possible to abuse the corpse. And definitely brutal! Although no, the corpse should be obtained in the process of abuse! Ideally, resurrect and repeat several times…

  18. No, of course not. We all have many sins, and it is better never to commit such a grave sin as murder. The soul must be saved, and most importantly, the soul must be in heaven after death. And in life, the soul will be tormented, of course, but fewer sins than with murder. Just like that. Reasonable actions!!!. Good luck!!!. Good day to you!!!

  19. There are no such people.

    I can break my life, as well as arrange it only by myself.

    There are people who have done me quite a large number of nasty things, I wanted to kill them very often. But whether I would do it or not, if given the opportunity , I can't figure out. I'd like to believe not.

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