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  1. I doubt that the Buddhists will agree with the premise. – However, the variety of schools, teachings and doctrines within each of the main directions of Buddhism – Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana-is very large – so the answer options can be very different.

  2. First, in Buddhism, suffering is not the truth :- ) Secondly, there are the so-called four noble truths, the first of which states that “there is dukkha”. Dukkha is not so much suffering in our understanding as ” eternal dissatisfaction, a feeling of emptiness and irreplaceability through desires.” And in this sense, “dukkha” is everywhere – no matter what a person gets pleasure or acute pain, he will rest on the fact that it does not completely “saturate”him.

  3. THE TRUTH is when there are no lies, deliberate deception.

    To live in the TRUTH is neither to lie nor to deceive. To speak only what is known and known.

    With the definition of the meaning of the word TRUTH, philosophy has tried hard and completely lied.

    Source of knowledge, science “Understanding the WORD”.

    Peace To All.

  4. You have not fully understood the Buddhist idea of suffering. What are called the four noble truths are descriptions of two different states of mind or two ways of being. Samsara and nirvana.

    Samsara is the realm of illusions, addictions, hatreds, worries, limitations. Suffering is possible only in samsara. Samsara is a distorted reality. In modern terms, samsara is a virtual reality. These distortions arise as a result of individual sensory perception and the illusion of one's own experience as a permanent entity.

    Nirvana is a reality without distortion. Nirvana is pure truth. In nirvana, no suffering or anxiety can arise, because all the causes of distortion, all illusions are neutralized. In other words, nirvana is described as complete peace, freedom, happiness.

    If we now paraphrase the four noble truths in more detail, we get:

    1. There is samsara, where there is suffering and worry.

    2. Every suffering and worry has a reason. These are hatred, addictions, and illusions.

    3. There is nirvana, where suffering is eradicated, neutralized.

    4. There is a way to go from samsara to nirvana. This is the way to give up hatred, addictions and illusions.

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