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  1. This is a very simple question. The juxtaposition of science and religion lies precisely here. Science requires proof, and religion requires faith. If religion did not assert, but investigated the possibility of the existence of God and the degree to which religious texts correspond to facts, then it would become a science. The most important distinguishing feature of science is that science does not state anything 100%. Politicians now tend to say that they believe in science. By doing so, they only discredit science. Science can give the probability of the truthfulness of any of its statements and no more. Sometimes this probability is almost 100%, but never absolutely true.

  2. Only an unintelligent person can oppose science and religion.

    Religion is the doctrine of the relationship between the worlds, the World of the Creator and the world created by Him. And science only studies the world inside.

    At the same time, it is important to understand that scientists have not created and will not create a single law (regularity) of the world, but are engaged only in the study of laws that they have not created. At the same time, science cannot go beyond the world, because its field of definition is the world. The laws of the world are only in the world.

    Science only wants to understand how things work where we are, and religion is concerned with who created the world.

    What can be the intersection and opposition here?

  3. Religion began as an educational process, during which the student has images of the world around him. The methodology of religion and science in general does not differ at all from each other. Science can be called one of the religions with its own believers, or religion can be called one of the many sciences. The terminology of chemistry is also different from physics and religion. Do not indulge in civilizational illusions. Science and religion are interconnected and there are as many contradictions as there are between biology and physics.

  4. Faith and Religion are different things. Science has nothing against Faith – it's everyone's business. In general, Science has nothing against Religion.

    The contrast between Science and Religion is rather derived from Religion, because Science destroys the dogmas of Religion, and Religion resists it.

  5. It is very easy to refute the existence of God in nature. To do this, we must first define God, existence, and nature. God is a supernatural being. The supernatural being, on the other hand, is outside of nature and therefore cannot exist in nature. In addition, God is unthinkable without a miracle, and therefore the existence of God violates the laws of conservation. And the need to violate the laws of conservation of energy and matter is a strict proof that this phenomenon (God) is impossible in nature.

  6. God exists only in the minds of people. Otherwise, why so many of its hypostases? Each Papuan invented a god according to his own understanding. And white people are no better. How many confessions, trends, sects! Avot Pascal's law is one. But before the discovery of Pascal's law, centuries and millennia of FAITH in the gods passed. And people close to religion (there are millions of them) will not easily deprive themselves of a fat piece from the pie of civilization. That's why they SCIENTIFICALLY explain the existence of God. And not to go to the superintendent's offices!

  7. Science is opposed to religion – because they have a diametrically opposite way of accepting information. That is, the diametrically opposite way of “knowing the world”.

    Faith (on which religion is based) is an UNCRITICAL way of accepting information.

    Science has its own methodology-the method of scientific skepticism-based on a CRITICAL way of accepting information. Based on evidence and verifiable facts.

  8. I think there are both objective and subjective reasons.

    Objective – science and religion are really fundamentally different, they help to look at the world from different angles.

    Subjective – since science is now the greatest authority, many people try to either win it over to their side, or overthrow it. Some atheists use science to confirm their faith, but they see science as one evil, and some theists use it to strengthen their faith.

  9. You're right to ask. Science and religion should not be opposed, but go hand in hand. To do this, religions need to discard their dogmas, prejudices and prejudices, return to the Source of their religions, i.e., get rid of all alluvial things and try to understand the essence of scientific discoveries based on the provisions of the Eastern worldview. Science should study these foundations of the Eastern worldview in order to understand the duality of the manifested and not try to explain everything from the point of view of rampant materialism, without understanding its spiritual essence.

  10. So science mathematically proved the existence of God, if I'm not mistaken. Even the Higgs Boson was searched for using the collider.Religion ,on the other hand,does not try to prove or search for something(on the contrary, it hides it if it contradicts a convenient interpretation).And in general,that Science and Religion are human structures, and people have not yet developed to explain something clearly about the processes of higher planes of existence, being in the physical world,and the Higher Mind, as a multidimensional one,will be incomprehensible for a long time, I think.Why are they contrasted?So, power, however!

  11. Why is it impossible? It is science that proves the existence of God. Scientific discoveries in biology, chemistry, and physics. The creator set all the laws in motion, so scientists were able to discover them. How wonderfully the earth is arranged, its trajectory of motion, the speed of rotation, the angle of inclination of the a-axis, the beautiful moon satellite-all speaks of the deep thoughtfulness of a great project!
    About 2,500 years ago, the Bible recorded that the earth is spherical and suspended on nothing, not even an atmospheric shell.(Isaiah 40:22,26; Job 26:7) Although Copernicus discovered this 400 years ago. The Bible is always scientifically accurate.
    And religion is people and their opinions.

  12. God is not an Abrahamic religion.According to the church canons, the Jewish Bible imposed on the Russian people is one whole work of Jewish authors,written at different times for different purposes. In short, for masters and slaves.Here, imagine, I am a slave owner, YOUR MASTER and you are obliged to work for me as for God, and if I hit you, then do not rebel,but submissively turn the other cheek. You're a brute of a Slave, and don't you dare steal from me,but give me your last shirt. DO NOT dare to think about contentment and sufficiency in life, and love it all .You're a scoundrel, and you always will be. This is your life ,not mine . You're a zero. You've been rotten and sinful since the day you were born. Repent, repent

    trash. I own everything . All your possessions and your children are my slaves.I have the right to rape them,to kill them,because they and you are worse than cattle. If I get sick, I'll test the medicine on you. and so on. And if you do everything ,and then in the next world, for the glory of Israel, my God is Satan and he will decide where your soul should be, in a boiling cauldron or walking around like a jerk. Your god was put in a cesspool during your worthless life, and before that he was a Jew and circumcised. “The Lord's Circumcision is a church-Christian holiday established in memory of the circumcision performed in fulfillment of the Mosaic law on the God-Child on the eighth day after birth, and he was also given the name Jesus, i.e. Savior. This holiday is celebrated on January 1. Its establishment dates back to the first centuries of Christianity; in the fourth century there are unmistakable traces of its existence, in the conversations of the fathers and teachers of the Church.”

    That's all ,the so-called “Christian”commandments with the symbol of a Fish, not a Cross. The Russian 10 commandments are written in the Vedas, myths, fairy tales, ballads, and so on.

  13. Faith, without proof, is dead. And if a person does not have proof of his faith, then this is fanaticism. Any research in any branch of knowledge leads to the fact that everything is harmoniously created and perfectly coordinated. And it is explained only when a Reasonable Creator of everything is not excluded. “For every house is built by someone; but He who built all things is God” (Hebrews 3: 4).

  14. Science is contradicted not by God, but by the fact that the world is six thousand years old, that the Earth, plants, animals and people appeared almost simultaneously and by magic, that the sky is solid… That's all I can think of right now. Maybe there are still some contradictions.

  15. Usually, this juxtaposition is a manifestation of the struggle for people's minds, for fans and followers. Science wants to say that everyone should worship her because she is the smartest. Religion wants to make everyone its parishioners, because it is the most true. Both are the usual stupidity of officials from science and religion

  16. One can understand and realize the meaning and significance of God,

    You can understand and realize online the works and events that God creates.

    To do this, you need to learn a lot and for a long time. Yes, the trouble is that there are no people who want to learn this, Are the people lazy? Or has he become talkative?

    Help me figure out what's going on? Why is knowledge not in demand?

    Peace To All.

  17. the juxtapositions are different. Science not only provides experimental data,but also tries to be an expert in many areas inaccessible to it,for example, in the question of the origin of the COSMOS, the EARTH, MAN, the SOUL, CONSCIENCE ,MORALITY, etc ..they climb like a mouse on a cactus.Personal desire to make your name famous prevails over common sense,as often happens in science. And RELIGION doesn't care what happens in science-it has its own ideas,they are unchangeable.In addition, religious leaders have repeatedly stated that any discovery fully corresponds to the worldview of believers. Moreover, most often it was the believers who were mainly the discoverers of scientific truths.

  18. Our science is an instrument of our material world, which makes up only 3% of the universe,the rest is a “subtle” world, invisible and not fixed by our tools.And science (Kozyrev,Kaznacheyev,Shipov,Bekhtereva) went to the “subtle world”, that is, to meet God, who is the “subtlest” and most powerful Energy.And what is Religion? This is a tool to remind us of God in primitive times and maintain at least some spirituality,but, like any human institution, it ran into the human factor: ambition, fraud,power sharing, etc.Educated people reject the existence of God without proof,and Religion,as an interested party, is not going to prove anything(if it knows),but Science theoretically “found” God and goes further,that is, towards Religion.CO-FAITH is coming through the KNOWLEDGE of GOD,and Knowledge is already on Earth.THE JUXTAPOSITION OF SCIENCE AND RELIGION HAS NO PLACE in the future.

  19. Science can't take the place of religion, that's true. But let's be objective: on the other hand, religion can easily “climb” into the space of science.

    Few people notice that religion is historically older. Therefore, science is fighting for the destruction of religion, but for its right to exist.

    Moreover, it is precisely because science cannot prove the existence of God that scientific atheism calls for acting as if God simply does not exist.

  20. Science already has enough information to prove the existence of God.

    And the lack of such proof until now was only due to the fact that science did not yet have an idea of what kind of God He is, by the nature of his being.

    However, now there is not much left (from 3 to 5 years) until the moment when science recognizes that God really exists.

    The initial “key” for working on the proof is already known. You can read more about this in this publication.

    After science proves (first of all for itself) the reality of God's existence, the process of reuniting science and religion will begin, as Max Planck predicted.

  21. Science deals with the fact that it examines the evidence of religions about the origin of the world. More and more science explains how and what came into being. For example, the origin of a person, planet, or galaxy.

    More precisely, this is what scientific atheism does. And science simply studies the laws of nature. How and what is being developed. And religion was not happy with every new discovery. And put, to put it mildly, sticks in the wheels.

    For teaching the theory of evolution in some US states, you could go to prison in the early 20th century.

    Science simply destroys the inexplicable things that God seems to have created.

    And every step of science destroyed all the mystical explanations of this or that phenomenon.

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