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  1. This is a very interesting question, and it has been asked more than once. It is difficult to say what will happen,but I personally believe that consciousness will happen in any case. But the main question is whether it will be yours. And in general, what determines “I”. Since I am an atheist, I believe that consciousness is the result of the brain, like a clock. The operation of small cogs and parts causes the clock to show the time. So it is with consciousness. This means that if you are teleported, you will be conscious. But will it be yours again? I mean, teleportation is basically dying in one place, and recreating your exact copy in another. It will be you, of course, with all your memory, habits, and habits, but still? So even if they invent such a teleporter, I would be afraid to use it.

    1. Quantum teleportation of the state of macroscopic bodies is impossible, since two indistinguishable bodies cannot be created (see more https://thequestion.ru/questions/303002/pri-kvantovoi-teleportacii-cheloveka-ne-proizoidut-li-izmeneniya-v-ego-soznanii)
    2. Quantum state teleportation does not mean that the second object receives a state identical to the measured state of the first object. There were two different entangled states and it is “transmitted” that the first one is measured. Therefore, for the “unmeasured” object, only the second (other)one remains vacant the quantum state. For a living being, this would mean, in particular, some different (different) consciousness in an absolutely identical set of elementary particles of the double.

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