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  1. Here is a man holding a heavy jug of water. He starts pouring out the water to make it easier to hold. He doesn't know how much water is still in the jug when it runs out. That is, it doesn't know its own karma. But he feels that the pitcher is getting lighter and lighter in the process, so he keeps pouring out the water-neutralizing the karma. Based on their current experience of relief, a person can make the assumption that if they continue to do the right thing, they will eventually get rid of the weight of the water completely. If a person acts benevolently, generously and wisely, he gets a useful experience that remains in his mind. This trace in the future will cause useful consequences for a person-neutralization of worries, dissatisfactions. That is, when a person does the right thing, he seems to wash out all the dirt, obscurations, illusions from his consciousness. Thus, it creates favorable conditions for understanding reality in the future.

  2. Here is what is stated about karma in Sri Isopanisad: Mantra one: “Everything living and inanimate in the universe is under the control of the Lord and belongs to Him. Therefore, everyone should use only what he needs and is allocated to him as his share, and not encroach on anything else, knowing well to whom everything belongs.”
    Mantra two: “By adhering to such a course of action, a person can hope to live for hundreds of years, because such activities do not bind him to the laws of karma. There is no other way for a person.”

  3. You will be who you are at any moment of your life, whether in the past or in the future.�

    You are karma. Karma is the matter that you are made up of.

    If karma disappears, you will also disappear.�

    It's simple. Only a puddle of truth will remain.

    So be strong, cherish your karma, cherish it.

    Doing the right thing leads to extinction.

    Only what never existed disappears.

    Eat karma, live with it, respect it!

    It is your fuel, your energy. Karma is your life and destiny.

    The desire for the literal turns the essence of God into destiny.

    Karma loves you. It is above cause and effect, it is above laws.

    If karma disappears, you will also disappear.

    Do you think that karma doesn't exist?�

    Life is karma. Every word is karma.

    Time is karma. Space is karma.

    A person is just a pocket of karma that moves from nowhere to nowhere.

    She's lonely.

    She doesn't have any friends.�

    She is alone, totally alone.

    Your karma is one.

    Can you still wish her a happy birthday?

    Look out of her pocket and look into her eyes…

    Buy me some ice cream. Share your thoughts.

    Or just bury your face in her shoulder.

    You and karma.�


  4. Karma is not a collection of deeds, it is a work that arises from our intentions and actions. It proceeds continuously. The Buddha said that there is only here and now. The way you are now is the result of your past life. The way you will be in the future also grows out of the now. If you are sick, ugly, unhappy, then, apparently, not by chance. Chawoy, you did something out of place just now. In general, this is a question of purity of intentions and thoughts. If they are clean, open and friendly to everyone, then you will not be able to create bad karma, and in general, the probability that someone will suffer from you will be minimal. If you really want to achieve something happy in the next life, then there is the practice of pure land, the practice of transferring consciousness, called Phowa. If you do it correctly, then in the next life you can get to the Good Land of Buddha Amitabha. There and for relatives you can beg for a place.

  5. First, classically, karma is basically bad. Good karma is also a burden. The goal is to get rid of bad karma and karma in general. Secondly, these tricks of yours with Everything Relative to nothing do not work in a coordinate system where there is karma. Quite, quite. It's like going to the Hermitage Museum near Maly Dutchmen to prove to the tour guide that art is purely tasteful and empty promotion, and talent does not exist at all. No, if there is karma, then actions have consequences, even if you don't understand them, and usually you don't have to dig too far to find out that they turned out to be shitty (so-so). You can't hide in ignorance of the law. Third, karma can freely take into account the emotional response and content of actions. That is, if a dude made a million or two people unhappy, then this will add to his karma, even if he sincerely thought that he was taking revenge on them for the cause, and they are not people at all. The desire to harm, the feelings of people who have become worse, and the actual harm caused are three sides of one act. Fifth, karma is a law of natural order. What does this mean? For example, if you bullied your second cousin and she didn't lend you money later, when you needed medical treatment and loans, or when someone crossed the road at a red light without looking around and was hit by a car, or if someone didn't fill up at a gas station and got stuck in the middle of a forest road with an empty tank-all this is also karma. Karma is the kind of garbage that a person primarily arranges for himself. And in many cases, it works only on the usual causal relationships. So black and white certainly exists, or at least fairly dark and light shades of black and white.

    I say all this on the basis that karma exists.

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