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  1. If solipsism is true, then you have materialized everything you see, all the worlds, all the dimensions, everything you can imagine, including yourself, your body, your mind. Such as they are, that is, not able to create objects from the void by the movement of thought, or change existing ones. But don't worry. The only thing that is real, that is yourself, is eternal, infinite, has no beginning and no end. So you will create your body again and again, and one day you will create yourself, if not omnipotent, then almost.

  2. You can't materialize anything because solipsism ISN't true. Some solipsists, however, will argue that there is a certain unconscious that does not want what consciousness wants. But if there is an unconscious that you don't control, then it's NOT you anymore. It's something external to you, something out of control. Even if you and your unconscious are on the same material or non-material carrier or some other substance, it is still not you, since you do not control it. So solipsism is NOT true.

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