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  1. No. Carl Linnaeus published a classification of species that included humans in the primate order a hundred years before Darwin's Origin of Species. Naturally, he could not accept as an objective reality what was not known in his time.

  2. I would like to clarify your question. “Treat themselves like animals” – What do you mean? Please give us a small example.

    More specifically, the word “consider” causes uncertainty in the question.

  3. The ENCYCLOPEDIA says that man is the highest animal-a scientific statement.

    Many animals are more talented/developed than many people in many relevant areas of life and development.

  4. Yes, I also believe that there is such an effect. Moreover, they are not only considered, but also perceived and self-aware.

    It is interesting that most of the answers are devoted to proving what is taken for granted in the question. But they don't even try to answer the question.

  5. No, of course not!

    The theory of evolution is about the ORIGIN of species. You can argue with this, agree or not.�

    But, there is an objective reality: man is an animal of the species Homo sapiens sapiens. This is recognized by all. Including clerics (churchmen).

    The exception is those who are now called “freaks”

  6. Read about the “Mowgli phenomenon”, when the primitive conditions of the animal environment turned a human cub into a ” cub “with the inability to” retrain ” when returning to the human environment (you can partially). And no “divine” consciousness helps in this case!

  7. This is how all people who know at least some biology view themselves. And it's not about evolution, but about genetics, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, ethology, embryology, and parasitology. And evolution is not accepted as an objective reality only by the ignorant.

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