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  1. Physical phenomena in principle do not carry any moral and moral coloring. What happens, like an apple falling to the ground, just happens — it's neither good nor bad.

    But if you want to fantasize about this topic, then you should consider the situation from both positions: both good and evil. An increase in entropy does lead to an increase in disorder on the one hand. But on the other hand, it brings the system into a state of balance, that is, balance and harmony.

  2. Evil and the Devil are structures of order. What doesn't go to God goes to the Devil. Although, since He is all that Exists , the Devil is also a part of him. His creation and the creation sent to us as an edification, as an example of what not to be.

    If we apply the laws of thermodynamics to traditional religion (s), it turns out that in the end all temperatures will be equal, where evil and where good will not be clear. It will all be one and the same homogeneous nature.

    Genesis will turn completely gray.

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