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  1. Maybe ask this person to choose it and choose something else. Or to determine who you are: the one who can be wrong and is wrong, or you are the one who can't be wrong. But the question is, if you can't be wrong, what is the probability that it will happen? And if you can make a mistake, is it likely that if you make a choice, you will not make a mistake? In general it is difficult

  2. Maybe that's not the answer… but this is Роберт-Robert Frost.)�

    In the autumn forest, at a fork in the road,

    I stood at the turn, thinking;

    There were two paths, and the world was wide,

    However, I couldn't split up,

    And it was necessary to decide on something.

    I chose the road that led to the right

    Then she turned and disappeared into the thicket.

    It was a bit of a mess, wasn't it

    And more, it seemed to me, overgrown;

    However, both were overgrown.

    And both beckoned, pleasing the eye

    Dry yellowness of loose foliage.

    I left the other one in reserve,

    Although I guessed at that hour,

    Which is unlikely to happen again.

    I'll remember more sometime

    It's a distant forest morning:

    After all, there was another way before me,

    But I decided to turn right –

    And that solved everything else.

  3. No one makes mistakes. No one chooses. You can't make any mistakes. You can't make a choice. No one is possible. There is no water. There is no vegetation. There are no minerals. Populated by robots. Populated by robots.

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