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  1. Most likely, life on Earth would not have originated. In the region of the galactic bulge, the density of stars is significantly higher than in the periphery, which inevitably leads to gravitational bonds between stars and, accordingly, to violations of the stationarity of orbits around the galactic center. The figure below shows the motion trajectories (red, yellow, green) of three identical gravitationally bound bodies at initial zero velocities at the vertices of an equilateral triangle.�

    It is obvious that such a non-stationary orbit of the parent star (the Sun) leads to constant strong perturbations of the orbits of planets in the star's composition, which does not favor the emergence and evolution of life due to the inevitable catastrophic climate changes. Imagine that for several thousand years the planets are warmed by one Sun, and for the next hundreds of years — by three. The horror!�

    Primitive life forms may survive in such extreme conditions, but humans are gentle creatures who love comfort (sofa, beer, TV). Therefore, we chose a single star-the Sun, on the periphery, away from the bustle of the central regions of the galaxy.

  2. Developed life, and even more so super civilizations in the regions of the galaxy adjacent to its core , center , definitely does not exist for one simple reason – the center of the galaxy is an extremely extreme place , there are clusters of such forms of matter that are hostile to the origin and development of any biology. Clusters of super giant stars, an interstellar medium of tens of millions of degrees, clusters of neutron stars, black holes , and finally the crown of all this “charm” is a super massive black hole in the center of the galaxy .Just a “pretty girl” of 4 million solar masses.

  3. if the solar system was not even in the area, but only in the Bulge region, it would no longer be a Solar System, much less it would not be our life

  4. I don't know about the possibility of life beginning in the bulge, but if the Earth were there, the night sky would be amazing. The sky would be a veritable carpet of stars

  5. For some reason, we are stuck with the existence of a life like ours. Why not assume that life-can exist in other forms, inaccessible to our understanding, forms? Maybe we (humanity) are only a step in the development of intelligent life and,I think, far from the top.

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