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  1. Dear author, people in a state of regressive hypnosis felt that their soul entered the body of the fetus at 3-4 months of pregnancy. For some, the soul entered at the moment of conception. Even rarer in the later months of pregnancy.

  2. In my personal opinion, the soul connects to the body when the neural network becomes ready for full connection. Well, or in other words, at a sufficient stage of brain development.

  3. At the time of conception. Eastern traditions claim that you see your parents making love, and you are irresistibly attracted to them (yes, this is it, karma, however). At the key moment, the sperm of the father, the egg of the mother, and, in fact, a particle of the divine fire – the soul, atman, consciousness-are combined. From this point on, we can talk about the existence of a person.

  4. I think that the various subpersonalities of consciousness join sequentially, resonating with the chakram vortices formed from the biofield of the forming organs.

  5. A2A: OK, since we are talking about embryology, let's limit ourselves to science and start with the definitions: “The human soul is an immortal substance, an immaterial entity that expresses the divine
    nature of his personality, which gives rise to and determines life, the abilities of sensation, thinking, consciousness, feelings and will, opposed to the body.”

    Let's analyze it by its properties:

    1. From the non-material in science – only information.�

    2. As you know, by copying information, you can actually make it immortal.�

    3. It is also known that thinking is impossible without language, and will-without education.

    Therefore (from a rational point of view) the soul is a language and traditions passed down during upbringing. And they are opposed to the genotype inherited by the body.

    This perfectly corresponds to the theory of double heredity, one of the most promising and at the same time underestimated areas of biology and philosophy.�

    It can be said that practitioners, as is often the case, were ahead of many theorists who are not able to see the forest for trees, and have been preaching double inheritance for thousands of years.

    PS The divine, respectively, is a positive legacy of biocultural evolution. In which everyone can make their own contribution. Or don't do it.

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