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  1. Generally speaking, the infinity of the universe does not automatically mean an infinity of options. Imagine an infinite universe with no atoms more complex than hydrogen. Will it have everything at all? Obviously not. The same reasoning can be applied to our universe. It may contain

    • Your copy that is blonde
    • a copy that has dark hair
    • a copy that is chinese
    • a copy that is female

    But, for example, your copy, which exists in twelve spatial dimensions at the same time, obviously will not exist.

    In other words, the variety of possibilities within the universe is still limited by the number of possible configurations of this Universe within the framework of the fundamental constants on which this universe is based.

    In the Multiverse hypothesis, everything is somewhat more interesting, but even there it is impossible to implement “everything at all”. For example, there is hardly a universe in which the number Pi has a color.

  2. No, the second does not follow from the first.

    Let's imagine an infinite series of natural numbers.

    Is it possible to find everything you want in it?


    Only natural numbers can be found in it.

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