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  1. They are judged not for their intention (will), but for their action. If there is no free will (you can't choose what you want), it doesn't mean that there is no freedom of action. You can choose how to act, and for actions that restrict the freedom of other people, other people can restrict your freedom. And the measure of restriction will be determined by the court.

  2. some simplifications of the thesis are a mortal sin. )
    Well, why is there no freedom of choice? It is there. Not at all, not in everything, but nevertheless to a certain extent there is a place to be. I will also simplify – I can smoke, or I can not smoke, and I choose the latter – do I have the freedom of choice ( at least in this matter)? I think there is. Slaves and possessed individuals do not have freedom, but then the legal system is just needed to limit those people who cannot limit themselves because they do not have freedom.

  3. Oh, you fools. The fact that everything is God's will does not mean that a person does not have freedom. The Lord commands external circumstances, and how to deal with them is up to you. Either according to the Bible, or you will be punished. With your heretical thoughts, you may cancel the earthly judgments, but you will not escape the heavenly ones. Here's what I think

  4. Obviously, search for and judge/imprison the true culprit of offenses.
    If, for example, you obediently obeyed the will of some reptilian, and could not evade his order, then this reptilian should be judged for your offense.
    If it exists, of course 🙂
    If the witnesses of the lack of free will expect to blame not on extraterrestrials, but, say, on God or parental upbringing, then these sources of will should be held accountable accordingly. Provided that the unfortunate weak-willed victim of circumstances can convince the court that he really had no way not to do what he did.

    By the way, this is not such a joke. If I remember correctly, the Criminal Code has an article for driving to suicide. And they also exempt from criminal liability madmen who, for example, carried out the will of the voice in their head.

  5. The question is very good. It is probably worth canceling the trials and sentencing. After all, you can not judge a person who did not influence this or that outcome of the situation. This is generally relevant even regardless of the specific duration of the influence period in milliseconds, simply because you will have to find out how many milliseconds to consider a volitional act.

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