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  1. This question, after all, is not asked in order to learn something new, and for some reason it seems to the questioner that he, this question, will now put all logicians and philosophers in the world at a dead end. But that's a boring question, really. There is a classic work “Being and nothing” by J.-P.Sartre, in which it is thoroughly disassembled, laid out on shelves and hung a tag – something like ” The next 100 years can not be taken out.” So, I suggested where you can find an unambiguous and comprehensive explanation of the case? Well, let's assume that the answer is given.

    But, personally, I subscribed to just one question on this resource: why can't I write a program that would automatically “crack” the captcha? A good, valid question. I've been waiting for a week , but there's no response. Well, maybe it will appear after all…

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