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  1. There are several ideas about this.
    I will clarify: I do not claim that everything I write next is true, I will only voice some thoughts about this, it is not possible for me to check their truth or falsity.

    Option 1: Time between incarnations.
    It is possible that, say, 10 thousand years ago, souls were incarnated with an interval between incarnations of 1 thousand years. With a relatively small population, only a small fraction of souls were incarnated at one time. With the growth of the population, the intervals between incarnations were reduced, and thus the proportion of their incarnation, rather than the number of souls, increased.

    Option 2: Souls are embodied in several people.
    Souls develop, “train”, and slowly learned to incarnate in several people at once. If, for example, Vishnu could have several avatars at once, then why shouldn't souls also master this technique?

    Option 3: Souls increase their number.
    The word “multiply” is not very appropriate here, imho, but perhaps something similar is happening. This option is well combined with option 2: souls develop, learn to simultaneously incarnate in several people, and then those parts that are “responsible” for individual people develop into separate souls.

    Option 4. New souls appear, for example, from among the former higher mammals.
    T. S. in the framework of the global evolution of consciousness.

    If you want, you can combine these ideas.

  2. each soul is a separate individual, no one “mixes” with anyone and does not “turn”into anyone. Simply, the embodied soul receives a body here, according to the past karma (the law of causation), and earns new karma.

  3. I was taught that way. There is a cycle that all souls go through. The cycle follows the cycle, allowing all souls to gradually incarnate by their numbers. The first numbers, which are not enough, live in the bodies of the entire cycle through, gradually depleting from greatness to baseness. The first birth of every soul is “the strongest” – � � � � �gold. Further, it gradually wastes its purity and power, descending from “golden to” the most rusty state. The peace tree looks like a Christmas tree with strings of pearl beads. Each of the garlands is the soul of a particular religion. The first soul – �belong to the original divine � �religion, then � �in the world come to the founders of other religions, leading �all girlado � for �numerical order, gradually. Above all, like a star on the top of a Christmas tree, is the Most High soul, the father of all souls. “He, the father,” warms and unites all souls, but never incarnates – ” a disembodied entity that never descends into the gross worlds: always the standard, always the boundless ocean of purity and knowledge, power and love. We resort to it through religions to gain strength and recall the original state of our soul and continue the drama. He releases the entire cycle gradually into the soul world, and at the end collects them all in the current world to charge the batteries. Some just do a somersault, and immediately go to a new cycle, others are in the world of souls and wait in the wings, according to ordinal numbers. Each has its own cycle of rebirths and statuses, its own set of roles in the world drama. As there are first and last souls, with a single incarnation, during which they can pass all the stages, from the golden to the most iron. As “souls” come into the world, it” becomes more populated and diverse. The founders of religions are souls of the first order, in power, but especially in their role as the father of religion, they descend “not immediately, but at the moment of the formation of their religion, gradually adding their garland of souls” and a new idea of the world order to the world drama. In the end, all souls are dirty and exhausted, their roles are scanty. Therefore, in a certain period of time, they begin to leave all together, leaving the last of their bodies and the cycle of rebirth. During this period of cycle change, the soul mothers remain, who will have to bring the first numbers into the world, and then leave. Their children are not like themselves, they will start a new world, a new cycle. “For a short period of time, the souls of the former and the latter live simultaneously, and no one really knows their role, because the body consciousness that the soul puts on at birth remembers only its ego and the history of incarnation. For some, leaving is just a somersault in the world of souls, with subsequent incarnation, while others leave en masse in their garlands for a long time. If the end of the cycle occurs in our days, then soon we will begin to go to the father very quickly, in whole garlands: Christians, Muslims ,Buddhists, Hindus, etc. In the end, the souls of different garlands are mixed up, so that each can search for its own, changing lives and preparing to leave at the appointed time of the world drama. I do not pretend that the world is arranged one way or another, but I was taught that it will be exactly like this until the end, no one knows anything, only the souls of the very first numbers, because in the end they come and collect their own rosary.

  4. I don't think reincarnation makes any sense. If a person is a vessel for the soul, and this is the meaning of his existence, then God originally created a certain number of souls, and at first they, for lack of bodies , were found in various things, in foremen and baobabs, cats and brooms. That is, without being in a person, they gained some extraneous, unnecessary qualities, from which they then had to be “cleaned”? And after the death of a person, the soul also wandered for some time, not finding a suitable vessel, and in despair it moved into what would it have to? Is this already a moment of unpredictability, or was it planned? It looks impractical, a waste of energy, which God doesn't like. (we like to put ourselves in His shoes)

  5. Each person has their own past incarnations of the soul, except for those who were born on a certain date. The body is just a shell given to us after a past life. If you believe in karma, then everyone has their own karmic debts. This is easily calculated by numerology. This is why we are reincarnated in a particular year, month, and so on.�

    If a person does not fulfill his karmic duty in this life, he will be reincarnated again and again with exactly the same task. It doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman. And each time a person and his family will suffer from this.�

    More information, if you are interested, can be found in the lecture of a female numerologist. Julie Poe. Very interesting:)

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