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  1. If a person asks such a question, it means that he believes that a person is eternal, or rather, his Soul is eternal, and a person comes to Earth not once, but undergoes a series of reincarnations.

    Why is a person incarnated?

    The soul embodied in the human body comes to Earth to pass its trials, overcoming sins and vices, and therefore for growth, self-improvement of the Soul, changing consciousness and accumulating wisdom. The essence of these exams for a person is to choose between Good and evil in a world of temptations, deception and lies.

    It is difficult to resist them, but this is the meaning of the test: do not succumb to temptations and pass all the lessons with dignity, choosing for yourself the path to the Light, to God, using the Right of Free Will granted to people by the Creator.

    Improving and developing one's consciousness is a common task from the Creator for all people, but for each person, the Creator gives his own individual task for incarnation, which he must complete during his life on Earth, and during this time receive his own amount of Knowledge and experience, which accumulate from incarnation to incarnation and manifest themselves in the form of brilliant solutions or, for example, in the

    Each successive incarnation (manifestation in the Dense Plane) in the chain of reincarnations is a new test in the process of comprehending the Truth, God, and oneself.

    A person is free to choose the goals of his life (incarnation), but at the same time he must remember the responsibility for his own choice, since the sins and vices of the past put an exorbitant burden on the next incarnation in the form of diseases or any physical abnormalities.

    If during the manifestation a person does not fulfill his task, making new mistakes on his way, then all this passes with the person into a new manifestation. Therefore, the problems of the new incarnation are unsolved problems or sins of past incarnations.

    If a person understood that the next reincarnation-the time of the next manifestation-can only be spent on correcting past mistakes, then most people would try not to accumulate debts for the future, but would try to solve all their problems in the present manifestation.

    The incarnation of a human being has a time limit, determining the life span of a person or the time allotted to him for the implementation of the tasks of manifestation.

    Since each person has had several incarnations, the next (or last) manifestation always begins with the level of spirituality at which the previous manifestation ended.

    A person, being incarnated or manifested once again, must pass his tests from a “clean slate”, not remembering all his previous incarnations, not using all his accumulated life experience. But this is not the fault of the person, because this is the great meaning of his improvement-each time to start his manifestation, as in the first time.

  2. Look, the category of “know” refers to bodily experience. I KNOW what I'm sitting on, I know what I'm currently eating. I can't say that I know an electron (although I took physics exams at school and university). My body can't tell me anything about the electron. So why should it KNOW any body from a previous life?..

  3. Reincarnation is just as manipulative a religious phenomenon as Heaven and Hell. Only much more subtle and successful.

    There is no reincarnation – a person's life continues after going to the Other Side and his personality is COMPLETELY preserved.

  4. Reincarnation exists, but…the problem is that it gives us very little,practically nothing…because our consciousness, OUR ESSENCE still dissolves and disappears, i.e. a NEW person will appear and this is no longer us…it's sad,but even though there is a new incarnation of the soul, it has nothing to do with us anymore…THIS IS A DIFFERENT person…forgetting yourself is the same as death.:.

  5. I can assume that if reincarnation is only the transmigration of the soul, but not the body/some part of it, then memories are not saved, because the cerebral cortex and hippocampus, which are responsible for memory, are not transferred to the new body.

  6. Author, now imagine if you remembered all your past lives. And they are not one, not two, but, for example, 10/20/30, etc. What kind of mess would that be? You would simply be confused in reality and not be able to figure out which of the memories relates to your current life and which to the past. Plus to everything can be not very good endings of past lives. Do you think it would be easy for you to live by remembering how in your previous life you were burned alive at the stake by the Inquisition or tortured to death in a concentration camp? Or you didn't have time to do something in the past, save someone, help someone, died and was reborn as much as 100 years later. As a result, you will walk around and suffer from remorse.

    That is, we come to the conclusion that if reincarnation really exists, then it puts a certain block between your past and present. So that the past can't affect the present. Whether this is good or bad is not for us to decide, this is the law of rebirth.

    But sometimes the past life makes itself felt. It is expressed in deja vu, in vaguely familiar faces of strangers, in strange nostalgic feelings and dreams. Perhaps you've ever experienced something like this and will understand me.�

    In general, believe you or not, decide for yourself. I hope I've satisfied your curiosity 🙂

  7. If there is a reincarnation, then we may not remember our previous incarnation, for example, for the following reason::
    memory, as I understand it, is a function of the brain, and the brain is material, therefore mortal. It turns out that all memories of the past body disappear with it.

  8. The second part of the question will automatically disappear if you answer the first one negatively. We do not have any scientific evidence or refutation of reincarnation. I don't believe it myself. But if a person believes in God (to which I also do not belong), then for his understanding of being, reincarnation probably takes place, and why do they not remember about past lives? Then we can explain it, they say, “so God wanted”, in general, in this world, unfortunately, everything that is convenient for you can be explained by the principle of “God”.

    UPD: To make you feel better, your genes will be passed on to the next generations, so that a piece of you will always live 🙂

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