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  1. If we are in the matrix, then the goose is square, because the window is rubber. Since the claim that we are in the matrix is not empirically verifiable, does not follow from anything, is not based on anything, then by allowing such statements into your thinking, you completely undermine the ability to think consistently. And since we don't think consistently anymore, we can think as you like. That there is land, that there is no Land, that the shoe is a pig. These are all equally related to “we are in the matrix” statements, choose any one.

  2. If we are in the matrix, then this only means that the concept of “existence” is even more confusing than if we do not consider the hypothesis of the virtuality of the observed world.

    Just try to strictly define what the existence of a picture on your monitor means. It will turn out to be something illusory, like, for example, bitcoin. A gold coin definitely exists, but it costs less than a virtual bitcoin. And?

    Now the question whether something exists or not should be asked with caution and first ask yourself, and something will change from the answer? It turns out that it doesn't, in the vast majority of cases. If they tell you that there is no Land, will you believe it? Then why did you ask?

  3. Let's drop the Matrix for a moment, and imagine that you are a computer program with artificial intelligence, running, for example, in a virtual game “Planet Earth” in the environment of some Windows-2100. Does your reality and, consequently, your planet Earth exist for an external user? Of course not! Which, at the same time, does not negate its absolute reality for you.

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