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  1. In this age of contraception, creating you was most likely a conscious decision by your parents. Most likely, they needed it to give the joy of existence to a new consciousness, to make their own life happier with the help of a child, or to fulfill the “mandatory program” instilled in them by the previous generation. To know for sure, it is better to check with them.

  2. God created us to be as happy as He is. He just wanted to share His love and joy.

    We are needed not only by ourselves, but also by other people and animals, because we can do good for them.

  3. Let me suggest an atheistic version of the answer.

    The search for meaning is a human trait, this question is raised by our consciousness. We don't exist “why”, but “why”. Only religion tries to answer the question “why”, while the observed material world simply does not imply such a statement of the question. It presupposes an understanding of the processes that are taking place, and does not at all assume that they have a specific purpose. The occurrence of lightning has no purpose, the precipitation of dew has no purpose, the existence of cockroaches has no purpose. But all of this has an explanation. We emerged as a result of millions of years of evolution, which, as already obvious, was guided by random mutations and natural selection, that is, also had no purpose as such. It is possible to explain how fish appeared, for example, but it is pointless to ask the question of why fish appeared outside of the human perception of the world. Our existence, as the current crown of evolution, is not “necessary” to anyone, it is a logical consequence of a number of rather well-described processes. And only the brain of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, whose distinctive and important evolutionary feature is abstract thinking, requires the question “why”.

    Religion invites you to believe in a relatively consistent but completely unsubstantiated description of the very question “why”. This is a question outside the realm of science, so it is impossible to prove or refute the correctness of the religious worldview. What's important to me is that it can't be proven. Accordingly, this entity is superfluous for me.

    A person can fill his existence with meaning only by himself. You have a pyramid of needs, so follow it. You can start from the base (eat delicious food, sleep soundly, have sex with pleasure), or you can go to the very top (help people in hospices, go into politics or get 3 higher educations) – it's up to you. Well, or you can do nothing, but just listen to what you want here and now, you will move along the same pyramid in a natural way.

  4. There is an opinion that “animal life” on this planet became possible when plants that process carbon dioxide in the course of their vital activity “released” a sufficient amount of free oxygen into the atmosphere… so the appearance of animals that consume oxygen and return carbon dioxide to the atmosphere became a universal blessing, which it still remains.

    A real person is a living thing that plants need

    such as it is-eating, eating, breeding…

    however, doing this is not the same as them, but otherwise –

    to support the” metabolism ” in nature..

    accordingly, every real person needs real people

    such as it is-feeling, thinking, acting…

    but the one who does this is not exactly as they do, but for the sake of all living things –

    more effective: using information about their actions..

    From the point of view of my philosophy, the time of life for a person –

    this is an opportunity to be useful to other living beings.

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