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  1. White color is non-uniform and consists of a spectrum of colors. At one time, it was experimentally “decomposed” by Newton, using a triangular prism and a screen to turn a beam of light into a multi-colored strip.

    And these colors do not have an exact”percentage”. Someone sees more blue, for someone there are six colors in the rainbow, and for someone there are five colors at all. Therefore, the resulting color can be called white. At least because they see it as white, and that's enough.

    If you see white, of course )))

  2. Even if you do not add anything, white sour cream will not be for everyone. Color perception is determined by natural and personal reasons, it is subjective. You can agree on color boundaries that are suitable for the perception of the largest number of people, and within the framework of this agreement, check whether the color is within or outside the boundaries. But still, there may still be someone who thinks that white is something else.

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