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  1. I would ask him what three things in our life surprise him the most.

    I really would be very interested to know what he thinks about it, it would tell a lot about the world, and about Socrates himself.

    In general, it seems to me that a lot can be understood about a person from his answer to this question.

    What surprises you?

  2. My question would be: “Does Socrates understand that he lives in an illusory world?” And then I would understand who Socrates really is. And at the present time, it is difficult to judge the personality of Socrates.

  3. If what they say about Socrates is true, then I would ask such a person hundreds of questions that would arise in the course of a conversation with him, it is impossible to stop at one question´┐Ż

  4. This question made me think. What question can you ask Socrates when so much has happened since his death that he can hardly be satisfied with the answer now? Unless, of course, you take into account that the question would be from his time. Socrates, what is the Sun?

  5. I would like to thank Socrates for the work that illuminated our path through the Dark Ages of the triumph of monotheism until the Renaissance itself. And for civil courage, which serves as an example in the times of developed chekism-putlerism.

    One might ask, of course, what inspired him, what gave him courage? But this, I'm afraid, is too individual. This probably won't help us here and now…

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