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  1. ie? and who is stopping you from making this choice now? we went to the window and decided once and for all whether you want to exist or not)))
    Personally, I want to exist.

    No matter what kind of existence I have, I like it and I would like to exist longer.

    who does not want-the window will always accept you and will not judge.

  2. Why not choose between “exist” and “live”? Live a life full of hardships, joys, and values. Of course, we are not born of our own free will, we do not die of our own free will, but we are responsible , first of all, to ourselves, for our life. We defend our values, defend the meaning of our existence, and fight for it.�

    The world is absurd, being irrational, but that doesn't mean you don't belong here. That there is no place for your identity, freedom and responsibility,that there is no place for your existence.

  3. exist or live?

    There is a Why.

    and lives For What.

    so I can just react to or from something. no goals.

    BUT. you can also take advantage of the opportunity to exist.

    here, for example, to exist as a long-lived tree. and especially high.

    this is how you exist, observe everything, and then create your own stories from what you see.

    some use of existence.

  4. Of course exist! Try to remember or imagine what happened before you were born. Any memories? Visions? Nothing. Complete emptiness, as if you start to live from the age of 3 (for me, at least so). I shudder when I think about what will happen after death. It's not death itself that scares, but the emptiness that lies behind it. The same lack of thoughts, my mind, I won't even be aware of it. It's like a dream that you don't understand, in which there is complete darkness and no way to wake up. What's on the other side of the scale? Life may be complex, unpredictable, with hundreds of millions of possible events, with its own memories, joys, and sorrows. The most important thing is to feel alive, thinking and acting. Therefore, I choose life without hesitation.

  5. If I knew about my life in advance, and before it began I could choose whether to live such a life or not, I would not agree. This life of yours is nonsense.

    And now what is there to decide? There are already people who I will hurt with my self-death, I don't want to hurt them. And in general, I don't want to give up everything, so much effort and money spent, I'll live to see it somehow. But I don't see any fun in life at all.

  6. “To be or not to be” – in advance ? But when you don't know what you're giving up, what choice can there be ? Moreover, the person who suggested me to make such a choice should inform me about all the difficulties that await in this life. And as a result, there would still be a return to the same place with the same result. It would be a different matter if they offered me now-initially not to put me in this world and in this body. I don't know if this is possible, if only to erase from the soul all the memories of what has already been lived. Would it be like not being born ? I guess I'd still like to finish watching the movie, but life isn't such a disgusting thing to get out of in the middle of a session. This is not a Mikhalkov film, everything here is natural, and there are delicious things that you don't want to break away from. The rest of my life seems to be planned out, and nothing unexpected is expected, but that's what we think. What does He think ? Can He still surprise me ?

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