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  1. Questions like “what is consciousness”, “is there a god” and “how did the universe come into being” are, in my opinion, a bit of cheating: on the one hand, they are interesting to everyone, but on the other hand, it is better to always have them somewhere in the distance in front of you unresolved. And then what to break your head over? So I'll suggest smaller problems:

    1. How to solve the cipher in the Voynich Manuscript?

    2. What is the story behind the death of an unknown man on the coast of the Australian city of Adelaide on December 1, 1948 (the case of “Tamam Shud”)?

    3. Why didn't Hannibal lay siege to Rome after his victory at Cannae?

    4. What is ball lightning?

    5. Who killed Kaji?

    1. What is the origin of everything. How and why did our universe come into being

    2. What are the origins of life? Why and how it was created.

    3. How our consciousness(mind, thinking) works. Why it was formed and why we need it.�

    4. Is there life on other planets?

    5. How to achieve the technologies of immortality and resurrection.

    1. Is there an afterlife and what is it like?

    2. How to solve the problems of global hunger and global poverty?

    3. What is the prescription for cancer medication?

    4. How to make people happy?

    5. How can we achieve a speed sufficient to travel long and ultra-long distances in space and reduce their time enough for people to make several such flights?

    1. How to realize infinity
    2. Is there intelligent life outside of humanity
    3. What is self-awareness, and how to transfer it to another physical medium without loss
    4. Are there parallel universes, other dimensions, and multidimensional worlds that we cannot comprehend
    5. How to find a good job after uni

    I can answer these questions vaguely myself, but an exact answer would make everything completely clear. Except for the last one. This is the greatest mystery of the century.

  2. 1) The next “big thing” after social media?

    (This is to allow for future experiments)

    2) Is religion true or fictional?

    (This… probably to rub the noses of religious fanatics)

    3) How to digitize your brain and move into virtual space?

    (This will provide me with eternal life and, in fact, unlimited opportunities. Well, I will also become the first real, “artificial” intelligence.

    4) How to recreate a biological organism from its DNA?

    (It would be nice to “resurrect” some people)

    5) The name, surname and coordinates of the person who is perfect for me as a friend.

    (Shob do not search)

    1. Who/what?
    2. Who/what?
    3. To whom/what?
    4. By whom/what?
    5. About whom/what?

    Plus a clear understanding of WHEN and WHERE to ask these questions. As you can see, the accusative case is not included in the list. This is symbolic. The thing is, I don't care.

    1. What steps do you need to take to achieve immortality, and in what ways can it be achieved? (And after this question, I would have had forever to get the rest of the questions answered on my own, but oh well)
    2. What are the most humane conditions that need to be created to minimize military conflicts on Earth?
    3. What are the closest forms of POTENTIALLY FRIENDLY alien life in the universe and how to get in touch with them?

    4. Is there anything other than human imagination behind otherworldly forces, magic, mythical creatures, and deities?

    5. How to stop assholes from being assholes?

    1. The emergence of the Universe.
    2. Is there a God
    3. The secret of the Montauk Project
    4. Will the Moon and Mars be colonized?
    5. What awaits humanity in the 22nd century.
      These are the questions I would ask.
  3. I would probably have found out the answers to the questions myself:

    1. Was Jesus really the son of Mary and God?

    2. How soon will we make contact with another civilization?

    3. Is there something after death?

    4. How soon will the Land be united into one single state?

    5. Well, to provide for yourself, the answer to the”Millennium Challenge”

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