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  1. The ability you describe raises so many questions from physics and biology that it's much more interesting to speculate about how it might work and what the world will look like from my point of view when I apply it, than what I'm going to do after that.

    Oh, and by the way, H. G. Wells has already explored this issue in his short story “The Latest Accelerator”. I highly recommend reading it.

  2. I would reduce people's suffering time. For example, I would stop time for people during painful surgeries or painful bandages of burns, so that these moments flow instantly for them.�

    I would stop time on land, for 20 years, so that garbage decomposes in the oceans and fish and animals multiply.

    I would build a giant network of solar power plants (possibly in space) capable of providing energy to the entire world.

    I would gather a team and fly down to see how a young galaxy is formed from clusters of gases. On the way back, they would pick up asteroids with a high content of diamonds, precious and rare radioactive metals…

  3. Ohhh… I'd steal a lot, that's for sure. No matter how unfortunate it may be said. Where else can I get money? 🙂 Everything is worth it. Moreover, there would be no need for them.
    I would take a sports car and put a girl in it that I would really like. “Frozen”. And I would arrange a trip to all the countries. With sex, relaxation and the breakdown of different types of weapons and booze.
    Well, I would collect a collection of coins from all banks in the world o_O.

    P.S. I would also constantly dabble with freezing.

  4. First, I would stop the time, and then according to the situation. I would definitely steal a lot, travel a lot, work a little, and never deny myself anything. At concerts, for example, I would go to the stage, arriving later than everyone else, at football I would walk on the field in the middle of the World Cup final. Maybe he'd help people with little things like Robin Hood. Sounds good

  5. To steal something is to encroach on other people's things and money. “Taking” everything you want in stores means deducting this amount for the shortfall, to the sellers working there, who are already getting something or other. Therefore, I would visit b*novices who are suspected of corruption, or who managed to get out of prison for money. I would steal them and just put them in the bags of pensioners.(Perhaps my views are old or vice versa-still childish)

  6. when I was about 13 years old, I dreamed that if I stopped time, I would go home to a boy I liked, find out how he lived, and so on, read correspondence

    in general, today, I would have spent a lot of money and lived my whole life for my own pleasure (a one-time stop would have been enough for me)

  7. Why do something in the first place, if you have an eternity to do it? Of course, I would do everything that I wouldn't normally do.

  8. Having stopped time, I would try to absorb, explore well, or try to use all the available knowledge, after waiting for a few more centuries, stop time again and perform a similar action, so cyclically millions of times

  9. I would start traveling around the world, perhaps trying to change the world for the better, manipulating the political decisions of states and trying to stop the activities of criminals))) I stopped the time, slipped a bag of drugs to some creature from the State Duma, started the time ,and called the police ) And so on in various variations. With this ability, you open up almost limitless possibilities and you become the arbiter of destinies) �I don't think I would steal, at least not from ordinary people or in stores. My conscience will torment me. But from some oligarchs, yes, I would take a couple of billions for myself) I would help those in need, but anonymously, so as not to show up. we'll have to think through everything. And in general, you can manage entire countries and the whole world. You can stop and start wars, remove any unwanted people from any posts. This will be a really cool game, the best of its kind) The main thing is not to do anything stupid, because not everything can be returned if you make a mistake. For example, to remove Putin from the post of president is too responsible, because there will be unpredictable consequences. And it is quite possible to manipulate specific decisions, interfering with the implementation of certain decrees) I can say for sure that our officials would have a personal ghost that would frighten them so much that it would not seem enough) I want to make Russia a prosperous country)

  10. I think everyone here wrote a lie, at first realizing their impunity, anyone would start breaking the laws for their own pleasure. Unless only then, when it all gets boring, I would start thinking creatively/more perversely.�

    However, as noted above, the problem remains that when time stops, all matter must also stop, and not just people themselves – otherwise just think how many hundreds of thousands of accidents and deaths on the roads will occur at the time of such a stop, how many planes will crash into the ground during takeoff and landing… And if we still decide that matter stops, then both the clothes on you and you yourself, consisting of matter, will remain standing still. Only one question remains – will you be able to continue thinking at the moment of “freezing” time? After all, thinking is also probably associated with the movement of electrons through nerve cells, in which case the time stop will not even be realized by the human mind… something drew me to philosophy

  11. I'd go out on the street, find people who were frozen in the most funny poses, take a couple of photos to remember them by; go to some waterfall to see what it looks like in its frozen state; steal a bunch of things from the stores that I've been wanting for a long time but haven't been able to buy.
    This ability can be very useful when you need to be quiet so that no one bothers you for a while. Stopped time-you sit, enjoy peace, beauty.

  12. I've had enough sleep! Then I just lay there, not thinking about anything! Then there would be walks, bonuses for yourself and your family, lots of time for urgent projects, etc. fun.

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