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  1. Personally, I miss the “Foucault pendulum”, the work of which I watched in St. Isaac's Cathedral about 40 years ago.
    “It's not enough for the Flatlanders, but there's a Southern Cross for them.

  2. If you take a separate plot of Land and look closely at the shadow of the Moon during a lunar eclipse, you will find that the shadow is not even, but convex, with deviations along the normal. There can be no such deviation on a flat surface. Also, the spherical shape of the Earth is indicated by the differences in the starry sky – we can observe a number of constellations only on the north side of the equator, and another series – only on the south.

    And many, many, many other factors, from time differences to volcanic activity, and so on.

  3. Because there is such a boring science called Physics. This physics is much less interesting than YouTube, so it is less readily studied, but, nevertheless, it is this boring science that provides an exhaustive answer to the question posed.

  4. Have you ever watched a lunar eclipse? How does this event fit into the flat Earth theory? Whose shadow is on the moon then, and where is the light source? Here's a simple explanation.

  5. My confidence in the Earth's spherical shape is based on the fact that I see the Moon and the Sun – they are spherical, I saw Saturn and Jupiter with their satellites in my telescope – they are also spherical .I didn't see any flat celestial objects.

    If the Earth is Flat, then it should have an edge , but conscious humanity is already under 40,000 years old – and no one has reached this edge. If the Earth is flat, then the plane has two sides – and what is there???

    Mankind invented a compass and made maps – and found out that if you go in one direction, you will come to the same point from which you came .. This is only possible if the body is round ..

    I've seen lunar eclipses – the Earth's shadow is rounded!!!

    I've been out on the sea and I've seen ships sort of come up out of the water. If the Earth were flat, we would see them all the time, and we would also see the opposite shore of the sea or ocean

    I watch TV every day, go on the Internet and can find out exactly what time it is in Moscow, Magadan, Tokyo or Boston – it is different in these areas…If the Earth were flat, then the local time on it would be the same at all points ..and regardless of the size of the Earth, it would definitely differ by less than 12 hours, and not by 24, as in reality…

    Even before our era, scientists found a way to find out the diameter of the Earth and found out experimentally this diameter.. And at the same time, there are originals who still seriously claim that the Earth is flat… I don't send them to a psychiatrist, but I send them to …. , to the end of the Earth with a smartphone or a camera – let them take a photo of the end of the Earth . Until then, it's useless to argue with them…

  6. Pear, and then at the expense of the oceans. Remove the water from it and let's see how round it is. In general, what difference does it make, even if it's triangular? The main thing is that crazy humanity does not destroy itself.

  7. “…if all the facts tell me that I am on a huge spherical block and I have no solid reason to believe otherwise, there are no questions (to the spherical Earth model) that cannot be given a logical, scientifically based answer, then blindly denying all these facts is the most ordinary ignorance.”

    Exactly: all the available facts. The most, by the way, different (including those that very many “observed themselves”, like gravity:=)).

    The very fact (gee!) of denying this suggests that the “ignoramus” (exactly so), even having an education, is not a scientist, does not know how (and so on) in his thinking to get out of the scheme of such a “cabinet with drawers”. That is, every time he thinks about something, he is attracted only by what he knows, which – as it seems to him-directly relates to the subject.

    (Very often it appears in arguments on “high topics”. For example, if he talks about religion , he will immediately forget that there are a hell of a lot of religions on earth, and not just, for example, his narrow idea of a particular religion.)

  8. I am sure that the earth is shaped like a ball, but the diameter of the earth is not 12742 km, but much larger. Then there are flat earth effects on our part. And so yes, the ball. Unfortunately, people are not told the truth, but try to confuse them with turtles, elephants, speeding up, etc.

  9. And there is no certainty. Planes in flight are not guided by any spherical shape. But it seems that they should. Pilots must constantly drop altitude to circle the sphere in a curve. But this is not happening. For thousands of kilometers, pilots fly the aircraft over a flat surface.

    When building paired skyscrapers, no one also takes into account the change in the distance between the axes of buildings on the surface of the earth and at the highest points. And there must be a discrepancy.

    Curvature is not taken into account in the construction of any large land objects – bridges, railway roads.

    Give a clear confirmation of the spherical shape, and there will be no more questions.

  10. Many years ago (I wish these years were less…) that geography lesson took place. Our teacher, thoughtfully pulling her chin, said:
    “Children! The textbook says that the Earth is a ball. But I don't really believe it. Could you please convince me that the Earth… really round?
    A dozen hands shot up at once.
    – Maya Ivanovna! Climb the tree and make sure that the higher you climb, the further you can see!
    “Heh-heh,” the teacher sighed. “I'm not a girl anymore, climbing trees. And not every tree today can withstand your weighty teacher.
    A clear voice cut through the general laughter:
    – Maya Ivanovna, our school has three floors! The higher the floor, the wider the view from the windows!
    Then the children also remembered that at the moment of sunrise, only the tops of tall trees are illuminated. This again indicates the bulge of the Earth.
    But the teacher still doubted it.
    “All right. But what if only in our area the terrain is so convex? Like a hunchback! Is the Earth flat everywhere else?
    From the back of the classroom, a well-known two-year-old and bully boomed out:
    – Duc this, I went on vacation to visit my uncle in the village. From the fire tower such a view opens!
    The class fell silent. Right before our children's eyes, a discovery was made. If in any regions, no matter where you are, with a rise to a height, the “pinkness” of the Earth is clearly manifested… So, in general, it is a BALL!

  11. I would personally be sure, but, unfortunately, even in my deep childhood I got acquainted with the conclusions of the ancient Greeks on this subject, with which it is impossible not to agree:

    The hulls of the receding ships sink below the horizon, but the masts remain visible.

    From the approaching ship, first you can see the mountains, and then low-lying places.

    During a lunar eclipse, the Earth's shadow on the lunar disk is always round.

    The North Star rises higher above the horizon as it moves north.

  12. Everything in the world is shaped like a ball, unless there is a reason to have some other shape. This is the most comfortable and natural form. And I don't see any reason why Earth shouldn't have it. For the Earth to be flat, something must constantly flatten it.

  13. Oh how many wonderful discoveries we have
    The spirit of enlightenment is being prepared
    And experience, the son of difficult mistakes,
    And genius, paradoxes friend,
    Both chance, God the inventor,
    and S. Yudintsev are our friends.

    A. S. Pushkin

  14. Well, yes, a logical question. If you've never given birth yourself, why are you sure that women give birth? And if you have never left your city, why are you sure that Moscow exists?)))

  15. You can give a cloud of answers, well, trite from the last one from my personal practice, just last Thursday I wrote a query in sql with a selection of the distance in a straight line between 2 geo coordinates, if the earth wasn't so shaped, it wouldn't work correctly. And on weekends, walking along the embankment, I see ships leaving the horizon line. The movement of the sun is also directly indicated. These are just applied banal things that everyone comes across (well, except maybe coding)

  16. The spherical shape of the Earth is taught only to children in elementary school. That is why, in the absence of further education, they believe this) All higher education institutions and institutes consider the Earth to be flat and stationary. In all scientific manuals, forms, calculations of ballistics, geodesy, aviation, navigation, GPS systems, etc., the rotation and curvature of the Earth is not taken into account and it is stated that it is flat and does not rotate. That's the whole secret, no conspiracy theory, no worldwide conspiracy.. A rotating ball – in theory, a fixed plane-in practice.

  17. I lived on the sea for quite a long time, and I saw through binoculars how ships go beyond the horizon: the lower part of the ship is no longer visible, and the masts and other superstructures are still visible.

    Now I live in an apartment on the fourteenth floor, and during the sunrises and sunsets there is a small period of time when on the first floor at the entrance the sun is below the horizon and it is dark, and on the fourteenth the sun comes out from behind the horizon and it is light.

  18. I have flown several times in cloudless weather during the day to different places and when looking at the horizon, I could clearly see that it was slightly curved. And besides, the motion of some stars cannot be explained in terms of the flat Earth theory.

  19. The spherical Earth model is immeasurably simpler than the flat Earth model. It naturally and simply explains many phenomena, primarily everything that we see in the sky.

  20. Because the flat earth model has more complex physics than the ball model. I can take the mapping of a ball to a plane, come up with compression and stretching of space, and sometimes teleportation, and put any known fact into this model, but it will be impossible to work with such physics. Secondly, we can definitely observe the rest of the celestial bodies with telescopes and all of them are spherical, we have not found a single turtle with elephants and a flat world on top.

    1. According to the law of gravity, an object as large as the Earth must have the shape of a ball.
    2. Observing the Earth's shadow on the Moon.
    3. From the height you can see the horizon.

    Well, there is no reason not to believe in it. Somehow Columbus and Magellan knew this very well and used this knowledge.

  21. Because there is such garbage as education, and if you were told in a parochial school that this is not so, that the earth is still flat, then you should not spread obscurantism further than your own mind.

  22. If you have ever flown on a plane on the route Moscow-Khabarovsk or made a sea cruise, then you are convinced that the Earth has the shape of a ball. And if you want to see for yourself, then go on a journey heading East and it will end in the West. Here is the best proof of the shape of the Earth!!! With respect.

  23. When I was an atheist, I was taught at school that the Earth is round.

    When I became a believer, the Lord showed me our Earth from the universe, it was almost like astronauts, and brought me back to it.

    The Bible: Acts Chapter 17

    verse 26 ” From one blood he brought forth the whole family

    human-made to inhabit all over the face

    land by assigning predefined times and

    the limits of their habitation.

    verse 27

    “That they may seek God, if they do not feel Him, and do not

    They won't find him, even though He's not far from each of us.”

    verse 28 ” For by him we live and move and have our being…

    Now I know for sure: There is a God, and the Earth is round.

  24. The Earth is just a “Honeycomb”, one of the “Eggs of the Universe”, as they say here (:)

    Here I threw a map of the “wall” in front of the next or “Other Land”, which has “its own protective wall”.

    In fact, the wall thickness on each side is equal to the size of the “planet”.

    Infa “from the admin panel”:)) I live here near you, but at night I upload to another body and just “add settings that generate events”…

    Loki <~>

  25. Why is it so difficult? If the Earth is flat, then why does the plane's travel time at different latitudes agree with the shape of the ball, and not the unfolded projection? Where do the satellites fly that regularly help determine my location every day? Where is the edge of the plane, if people have long ago flown and swam all imaginable routes? And most importantly, what proof would be a reliable refutation of the flat Earth theory for you? If the hypothesis is refutable, it has the right to exist. If it is clear in advance that nothing can refute it, then this is already out of the realm of faith (in world conspiracies and other mental blizzards).

  26. All the phenomena around such as eclipses, changes in the seasons, lunar phases and the Moon itself in the sky indicate that the Earth is spherical. �Everything works very logically if the Earth is spherical. But the flat one just gives rise to a bunch of questions, to answer which you will have to fantasize and invent some unthinkable theories.

  27. The planet itself, like a piece of earth, does not have the shape of a ball. And now, together with all the layers of the atmosphere, it takes shape.

    Took the animation here.

    But so far I haven't said anything about why exactly the shape of the ball is.�

    Regardless of the opposite. If the earth is flat, then it should have an edge that we could reach by seeing it, but in practice, for some reason, the edge constantly runs further and further away from us when we move towards it( I don't want to enter into a polemic, I know perfectly well that a light beam has a curvature under the action of forces, which you need to give an example of spherical geometry(a section of non-Euclidean geometry), but you need to try to explain to people far from theorems and formulas in simple language).�

    It can be even simpler, but it doesn't prove anything. A person who has accepted that he is still on a flat Earth, which is in space, surrounded by other planets, stars, asteroids, and so on. Didn't he wonder why everything around us is spherical(almost), but my planet is flat? An analogy: this is if the stork in its flock considered itself a seagull.

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