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  1. No way. By and large, none of us know exactly what will happen to us tomorrow. Take this story about the coronavirus, which completely turned our ordinary lives upside down. On the other hand, we can change something with our fate, and not “wait for the weather by the sea”. Previously, it was said that “a person is a blacksmith of his own happiness,” but this thesis is only partially true: much does not depend on us!

  2. Our future is made up of our present, and the present is made up of our past or “yesterday”. What we choose today will be a continuation of tomorrow + new/sudden events that are “beyond our control”, to which we need to adapt spontaneously, using the experience and those skills, coping strategies that we already have today (our life experience). Only our current choices can affect the change in fate.

    And it is probably difficult to find out whether fate has changed in the distant future – these are just guesses, assumptions, but not exact facts. If you” today ” choose something positive and useful for yourself, for self-development, then the future will be the same. If something is destructive, then the future will NOT be bright and colorful.

    As they say: “What you sow is what you reap”, what is the “cause”, what is the “effect”. The space of options. All that a person has today is the result of his previous choices.

    If you are concerned about what to do in a particular situation, then first bring your emotions to a calm state (which can be achieved with the help of relaxing breathing and express techniques for relieving internal psycho-emotional and muscle tension). Only in a calm, balanced state can you make the right decisions. If you act on emotions (in anxiety, fear, anger, resentment, feelings of guilt and injustice, etc.), then there is a risk of making a mistake.

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