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  1. Perfect command of all languages, including oral and written speech, including all dialects and dialects. In my opinion, it's great to always understand everyone, be able to read books in the original sources and communicate with people when traveling, instead of silently teleporting ;))

  2. I wouldn't buy an ability, but an infinity gauntlet. I don't need to kill half the universe, but I'm happy to arrange a strange hedon on the planet 🙂

  3. Mind of course. Like the ability to see patterns in many things at once.

    This would immediately lead to my “death”, in the sense that I would no longer exist today. Also, it is absolutely not a fact that it would make “me” happier. But still, it's the most fun way to go one-way to a place no one else has ever been before.

  4. I've often thought about being able to read people's minds (when I want to, so I don't go crazy from the voices that always haunt me). Besides, I wouldn't mind knowing all-all-all languages)

  5. I would buy the ability to move in space, of course many people would choose it, but nowadays it is so expensive to travel that it would be a useful ability! If you think more broadly, then the idea of controlling an individual, his consciousness-this is of course a dangerous, but fascinating ability. And if we talk about absolutely magical powers, then I would like to mentally create forms and reproduce them in reality.

  6. View all possible scenarios at any time, live them and choose one of them, and then go back to the previous one and, so to speak, translate it into true reality. I hope no one said this before me.

  7. I want invisibility… it will help you avoid dangers and quickly get hold of money by stealing from the bank. On the other hand, luck can easily replace this gift. So I'll take my luck!

  8. Of course, the possibility of manipulating probabilities. You can increase the probability of anything up to 99.999%, thereby fulfilling any, even the most insane and unthinkable desires. This is unimaginable…

  9. I just wish I didn't have to die… And I wish the same to all people. Life is beautiful in itself and one day we will be able to overcome ignorance and disease and poverty and death and learn to be happy and not do evil. It's just a pity that not everyone will see it. Many will die, and maybe I will. So I just don't want to die, I just want to live and be happy.

  10. Immortality: the ability to see the next generations, work and get material wealth indefinitely, The ability to fly in the air and space: sitting in a chair in front of the fireplace in my mansion, I got bored and flew into space at the speed of sound to the planets and walked on Mars or gave my girlfriend a piece of the moon. Although it is possible to fly so far away from earth that I would be lost. So…Immortality, the ability to fly, the third ability would have something to do with improving the lives of people on earth, bringing universal justice, sweeping away this world order in which 5% of people have 95% of wealth

  11. There is a struggle going on in me: on the one hand, my passion for originality is waiting for something stupid and funny, like learning jokes from the future in order to be a kind of fun generator, and on the other hand, my childhood dreams of telekinesis, something like what the guys had in the movie “Chronicle”.

    Let's say I chose telekinesis. I'd start a career as a magician, earn a little extra money, and then levitate myself around the planet, live my life to my heart's content, and not touch anyone. If my abilities were to increase so much that I would feel dangerous to society, I would probably retire somewhere in the mountains or on one of the many islands in the Pacific Ocean.

  12. Own wings. Feel the excitement of your first high-altitude flight, feel like a bird. I think this method of transportation is much more interesting than just teleporting within the Earth.

    Know and understand if not all, then at least several languages of the world at will.

    And I really want to know what our world will be like in hundreds and thousands of years, survive many generations and tell the children of the future what society was like in my youth. But everything gets boring sometime, so I would like immortality to include not only invulnerability to diseases, damage and aging, but also the ability to end your life when you get tired of it.

    Of all the above, I'd rather choose the latter. After all, when you are given an eternity, you can learn anything, achieve anything in the world, if only you wanted to.

  13. All my life I dreamed of only one superpower: being able to convince people through eye contact.

    Then I would have graduated well from school, university, surrounded myself with knowledgeable people and moved up the career ladder with them in unstoppable mode, at the same time ingratiating myself with trust and surrounding myself with more and more “brains” of humanity. As a result, I would be a president who could convince the heads of other countries to support Russia in all areas and do what I want without any multi-steps

  14. Eternal life in the body as it is; perfect health; the ability to learn anything and apply it. Such abilities will allow, in fact, to live endlessly and learn everything possible and impossible in the universe))

  15. List of Super abilities:

    Luck on/off

    Creating and opening a portal to your own worlds

    Transformation of matter and space

    • As a child, I wanted to see through women's clothing . I even searched for the program in Google Play. Damn moron . 😂
  16. And who sells these superpowers and at what price? Let's say there's enough money.
    Yes, they are all good. It's best to be as omnipotent as God.
    Have you seen the movie “Bruce Almighty” or its remake, the Indian movie ” Oh My God, You're Great!”? Bruce / Arun began to solve his problems, completely forgetting about the world and people. Well, I'll solve my problems somehow, but I won't forget about the world and people. And since there will be no time limit, there will be no” Let all your wishes come true”.
    I would stop all wars and enmities. I would remove all evil and bad things from the Earth.
    And let all the sick get well. And let the blind see again. And let the deaf hear. And let the paralyzed ones get up and walk. And let the disabled grow their arms and legs.
    And would be more just than God. God is very fond of testing people. I wouldn't do that.

  17. I would choose to live indefinitely, in other words, immortality. Just imagine, when you start doing something, you don't have to think about what might not work out, you can always try again. Immortality will help me see our society evolve over millions(billions?)of years. years, including science. I will be able to learn almost everything about the origin and structure of the world.

  18. I agree with one of the answers: I would buy KNOWLEDGE. if earlier, in my childhood, I dreamed of being able to pull out any object from the TV (well, there, ice cream, yogurt, money…in short, everything that is broadcast on TV))), now I understand: knowledge is power! Know for sure whether we are alone, how our planet was formed, Darwin's theory and other theories (refute or accept), ancient civilizations..the most intricate riddles of our planet! This is wildly interesting!you know EVERYTHING: who to bet on to hit the jackpot, you know how to create a vaccine for a particular disease…It's a very heavy superpower, I think, but it's incredible. With one caveat, however: so that this knowledge does not fall on me all at once. For example, I would think: I want to know this or that, and I would get an answer.

  19. I'd probably buy myself some telekinesis. In my opinion, it will do a lot of things. For example, you can protect yourself from someone, quickly clean the room, quietly make fun of your annoying classmates, and much more. At first, I wanted to write that I would buy the ability to fly. But I realized that with telekinesis, I could lift myself into the air. It may be difficult at first, but it will work out in the end. So yes. Telekinesis is a cool ability.

  20. See the time. I will explain what I mean: to see the past, present and future at any time and in any variants. For example, to see the creation of the universe, the age of dinosaurs, now to see time in full scale — every case and turn of events that occur at the moment. And see the probabilities of the future-possible outcomes and feel how much each of them can happen. That would be really cool. Even if you can't stop time. You know a lot of things. For example, you can view the moment when someone wrote or opened something, and who is doing what now. And so on. The coolest ability for me.

  21. I would like to be able to see the past of objects, people, and events. Just imagine: I would know how the pyramids were built, I would know the history of every pebble that came from space, every grain of sand.

    How it all started…

    When I lived in the dorm, I hated it when someone sat on my bed. And when I went home for the weekend, I made the bed so that I could immediately tell if someone was sitting on it or not. But my roommates noticed this and it became more difficult to determine. That's when I started dreaming about being able to see past objects.

  22. I would make it so that I could do everything that I did not try to do. Just think about it, I wanted you to have money, just do some ritual aimed at it and everything comes out! I wanted to prevent any damage from being done to you, but I also made some game and it will work. And so with anything. This is, in fact, all specials. abilities immediately

  23. I would take the ability to steal other people's abilities not bad, right?But seriously, the ability to destroy.�Although it is not very useful in life, but it is quite cool to use it) destroy all sorts of walls, etc., I really like this ability)

  24. Of all the above, the most successful options, in my opinion, are those that themselves can give all the other opportunities, that is, for example, knowledge or luck will help to make the elixir of eternal youth at home in the kitchen:), or honestly invent it in the present life. Next, by solving the problem of aging, you can win money on bets, and then with money on this planet you can do almost anything. Later, after playing enough, you can start improving the world and people's lives. And all of the above will ultimately be the result of just luck or not limited knowledge

  25. 1) go back in time and do something different

    2) give every stray animal a home�

    3) make sure that TV shows and movies are shot immediately, and not at intervals of a year/two�

    4) get enough sleep in an hour

    5) influence weather conditions

  26. 1) Phasing-passing through walls, a fierce ability that gives invulnerability to blows.

    2) Parsing and collecting objects at will.

    3) Something like invisible hands with great power and range

    This is all not very strong ,but in reasonable proportions.also, many interesting abilities can be found in the manga “my hero academy”

  27. Definitely teleportation, for starters, this ability really helped to see my boyfriend more often, and secondly, it's a great way to see the whole world.

  28. Time manipulation. Stop, rewind, slow down. And so as not to grow old at the same time. This, I believe, is the key to everything. Stopped time, read something, learned something, did something; rewound – corrected your jamb; slowed down – quickly reacted to something.

  29. I would choose the one whose price and consequences suit me, I don't really want to be an immortal slave or a rich man near death. I suggest that we take the price issue more seriously. As the saying went, ” The Devil never sought to buy a human soul, he just set a price.”

  30. Well, I would choose such an ability as shadow cloning (hello Naruto), with the condition that I can dispel my clones myself, and that the experience and knowledge gained by them would pass to me after they are dispelled. Pretty interesting, bam, and your clone goes to class, and you do what you want. I made clones, told them to read certain materials, and by the evening all the knowledge is in your head.

  31. Immortality with one caveat, only I can kill myself.

    and simplyyy of yarrrr yogurt with cucumber in a jam and how many days have passed since the vine.

  32. Well, I don't even know, in my opinion, every second person here dreams of such abilities)
    I always wanted to be able to move through time and space, without harm to myself, and actually for time and space itself) I could have prevented so much, done so much, been in so many places, maybe I could even make someone happier than myself)
    I've always wanted to make anyone my best friend at the click of a finger) Have you ever wanted to be friends with someone cool?) For example, here with Will Smith)) You click your finger, and then the phone rings, and then Smith says to you, “Brother, you haven't called for a long time, is something wrong? Come visit me in the states. I have a barbecue on the weekend, sit down, drink a beer, tell me how you're doing in your Zazhopinsk”, cool right?))
    Well, I always wanted to have invulnerability, that is, almost complete invulnerability) not to get sick, not to feel pain, except for mental (I would not like to become a vegetable), but not to be immortal. just die at 90, old and invulnerable) And as much as I could do with my invulnerability, I would stop whole wars, because it would be simply useless to fight me, I'm fucking INVULNERABLE!
    Here are such naive dreams)

  33. Hmm, perhaps I will choose an absolute understanding of everything that exists (including the structure of matter, all causal relationships in the minds of other people, etc.), which, among other things, will open up potentially limitless possibilities for controlling the world, although they will be initially limited by the capacity of our planet 😉

  34. I would like to stop time (like Piper, the character of Holly Mary Combs in t/s “Charmed”). I would use this skill as needed.

  35. And I would buy the opportunity to heal people's souls and restore faith in other people, give those who need faith in themselves, return hope, plant love and harmony in their hearts,calm frayed nerves, moderate aggression and fervor, and much more. I am afraid to see people with darkened eyes, and I want each person to glow from the inside with a warm flame. like that.

  36. Oh, I have long heard a wonderful answer to a similar question, and here it is: I would like to give and deprive people of all the above abilities. One click and you can no longer be invisible. Click and you live forever.

  37. And what are the limits of available superpowers?

    I want a minimum option- < 1>eternal life in the existing body without aging (without planned destruction)</1>.

    The maximum option is <2>the ability to be not only yourself, but also the entire universe or any part of it (for example, this tree and a squirrel on it), observing <2><2.1>and acting within the real possibilities (that is, in the case of a squirrel, not taking off, but climbing), <2.1><2.1.1>both in the present, and in the past or future, <2.1.1><2.2>understanding how everything works, how it works, and in general everything. </2>

    What will I do? Gain experience and share it with others. Enjoy. Experiment. Search for equals. Strive for more.

  38. I would take the power from Manhattan-to manipulate matter at the quantum level. In fact, this gives absolutely all the superpowers listed in this article.

  39. I fully support Stan Lee's answer to this question.

    Good luck. This is the superpower with which you will succeed in any endeavor. You will get out of any situation and, using it correctly, you will definitely be happy.

  40. Creating artifacts. That is, I wanted to make an amulet of immortality, I wanted to make an amulet of suggestion, etc. Not necessarily amulets, the artifact can be anything – even a tattoo on the skin, even a can of beer, or anything. The trick is that you need a physical medium on which I would record these abilities and the person who owns the amulet acquires these abilities. This way you can do anything for yourself. Another question is that superpowers are usually expensive, so you should know the price. Then already think about the purchase.

  41. I would choose Hancock's superpower (Hancock, 2008). I often think of it when I, as a pedestrian, am annoyed by a motorist parking on the sidewalk, not turning on the turn signal at the turn, climbing into the space of pedestrians on a zebra. I was once pushed hard by a car that went over me from the curb parking lot. I want to kick the car away like a superhero or pick it up by the bumper. I would probably do the Hancock thing: “inhumane destruction and incalculable damage.” I guess all superheroes went through this stage.

    PS An excellent superpower also seems to me to understand “what women want” from the film of the same name (What Women Want, 2000). And the brain works at unprecedented power under the influence of the NZT tablet from the movie “Regions of Darkness “(Limitless, 2011).

  42. Read minds, see the future, and stop time.Even with such a simple set of superpowers, you can live well in your 60s.And of course, you see the future-you get away from death.Not from the natural one, of course, but still.

  43. Every day I dream of being able to stop time and live a few extra hours in the day for myself, finally get enough sleep, read all the books that I usually don't have enough time for, and in general, in this case, you can forget about the stress associated with deadlines forever. In principle, this ability to some extent even replaces teleportation. Of course, if only during this period of “stopped” time I will not grow old. Otherwise, for all other people, I'm afraid I would have aged in a few normal years(

  44. Again, teleportation: the ability to steal any transportable weapon on the planet and put it to the temples of our precious officials in the blink of an eye, forcing the latter to organize their activities in the interests of the citizens they trust. For they don't seem to understand humanly.

  45. I would take a teleport by place and time. Plus invulnerability.

    Look at the edge of the universe.

    I would look at planets similar to our own. I would go back to the creation of the Earth. What happened to the Dyatlov expedition? And much more.

  46. I have a set of three superpowers in my dream stash for a long time – access to any information in the world if necessary (not all at once so that my brain does not boil), the ability to move to any point in space, invulnerability to all types of injuries or death, except for aging.

    Of these three, I would choose the first – you know everything you want to know, you can write any code, website, win on the stock exchange, build a second Google, Tesla and Apple combined, cure any disease, learn about aliens, know any secret and know when the killer came out to look for you, you know how to find him first, you know how to become the perfect killer yourself,

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