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  1. the opportunity is there! many people think to change the world, but you don't need to change yourself, because if you want to make the world a better place, then you are already good and kind, why change yourself there! you need to get respect through hard work and effort! As for what I'll do in this world! hmm… I want to change Russia so that stupid Russians don't complain anymore, even though it's their own fault that they drink too much every day! I would solve almost all the problems and try to cancel wars and make the world one, etc., etc.

  2. Anyone can do it!!!
    Everyone thinks to change the world, something in the world, but no one thinks to change themselves.
    To change the world… you need to realize that if you don't do it, no one else will. Your actions mean more than you can imagine.
    To change the world, just start taking action. This means taking responsibility for what is happening around you, even when no one is asking you to, and even if you think that no one will notice, you need to start small…
    Show courage and take personal responsibility for what is happening around you. If everyone does the same, then many of the problems that bother people will simply disappear. Each of these problems is in the area of someone's personal responsibility, and this person will probably want to do something to solve it.

    Starting to act, a person starts a chain reaction: his active life position encourages others to act, their actions, in turn, inspire others, and the world gradually changes. When something does not work out, then, before looking for the culprits, analyze your behavior and mental attitudes. When everything is going well, pay attention to how many people around you share your joy.

    Try to work harder on yourself, rather than trying to influence others. Start taking action: engage in self-development, share your experience, knowledge, and discoveries with others.

    Change your life, develop flexibility of mind and never forget that only you and no one else are responsible for everything that happens to you.

    Your actions always make sense, even if you have to act alone. When a lot of people start making efforts in the same direction,the final effect will increase many times. Recognize your personal responsibility for everything that happens around you, and start changing the world for the better.
    Remember:” And one warrior in the field! ” Everyone is able to change the world for the better!

  3. It would bring back class inequality and abolish universal education. The world would be much easier, and people would finally do what their ancestors did for thousands of years. Even if it seems offensive to them, but for me it's better than this whole crazy modern world, where most people have clearly lost all their bearings.

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