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  1. I already have it :- ) When meeting face to face, I would ask Him how to keep love for people in my heart and at the same time not expect anything from them and hope only for God.

  2. Many interesting and important questions could be asked, but the main one is-where did the five-dollar bill that I left yesterday on the bookcase in the hallway go?!!

  3. I would ask why he started World War 2, which killed 11 million Soviet people. Because they were against God and destroyed temples, right ? In this case, God is not good, but evil. Besides, I haven't mentioned the First World War yet. There, Russia was a believer, but still lost a large number of people. God throws away those “believers” who protect him and build temples for him.

  4. If I had the opportunity to talk to Jesus Christ, I would talk to him like an ordinary person – about different things.

    Jesus Christ is a mythical image, which in many ways is far from perfect.

    Jesus Christ failed in his mission, if only because he did not convey to the people the meaning and significance of the fundamental words – the GOSPEL and GOD of the WORD. These words are the foundation and foundation of the entire modern Christian religion.

  5. If you really see Jesus in the New Testament understanding of this person, omit the possibility that someone passes you off as him, then accordingly, even the most powerful atheists will not have any doubts about their faith. The question that I will ask them, as a believer, will sound like this-will I be saved, and what I personally need to do to save myself, there is no need to think about it for a long time, in the conditions of proving the existence of God, even an atheist will ask about this, about the most urgent thing for everyone in such a situation

  6. Everything you need to know about Jesus Christ is written in the Bible. I would just thank Him from the bottom of my heart for giving his perfect human life for me personally. He left a great example of how to treat other people, regardless of their nationality, skin color and language. He assured me that thanks to His sacrifice, I have hope for the future, forgiveness of sins and life in perfect conditions on earth, where there will be no suffering, wars, tears and death. That I am very grateful to His Father for saving me through Him and for His obedience, which taught me to love and care for my relatives and friends. There are not enough words to express my appreciation for all that He has done for me, for my sake, and for me.

  7. Ambiguous attitude to religion. I think it would depend on what he was like. He could be like an ordinary person, a madman, or a skilled marketing genius who managed to capture his story over the centuries. Or maybe he was really the embodiment of the whole essence of the so-called “Creator” born from the flesh of the earth.
    Everything is in our heads and hearts…
    If we are talking about the true, I would rather just be silent on this issue, for a single moment to feel and share the pain of the world and its burden.
    If the question is really necessary, then I will choose these: “Is it all because of love?Are you happy?”

  8. “…does anyone need you here?” “everyone here is already a scientist, who has learned the Truth and even been saved… scary to think about… The Bible, the Word of God, tells us clearly: we are the body of Christ, if Christ is not in you, then you are not what you should be. Kolos.3:1-17! “For the will of God is your sanctification…”1 Thess. 4: 3-4.

  9. I have a slight panic from such an offer. Ask “For what?”. Or here: What should I do and how should I relate to what I've written? Allegedly TO THEM? Once the French called the Old Aramaic language “Chinese literacy”. And ancient Greek was called “Chinese literacy” by the British… and??? They transferred from one Chinese letter to another Chinese letter, then transferred it to an artificial Church Slavonic letter… And now BELIEVE?!!!

  10. I would ask what kind of nation he is and if he is a Jew, then where are the Russian gods and whether they exist . And if so, how did he become a Russian god as a Jew ? And if he did, who is he leading by the nose , Jews or Russians?

  11. Many people will read my answer and think I'm nuts. “If you had a chance to talk to Jesus,… I, as a believer in Jesus Christ, speak to Him every day. I talk to Him as if I were talking to my friend. As someone to whom I can pour out my heart. He certainly wouldn't run off to blab.

    ” …on what topic?..” Yes, on any. God has no forbidden topics. Another thing is that He does not approve of everything. But it always allows you to speak out. For example, about children. About their lives. About your friends and employees. I bring them in communication with Him. This is called a petition.

    “What is the first question you would ask him? Since I am a believer, I have already asked Him my first question.

    One day, after I had come to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, I went to a friend's office to go for a walk together. A friend asked me to wait. And he gave me some tea. I was waiting for him, drinking tea and reading the Bible he had given me. I was reading the book of Isaiah. I don't remember why, but it was her. And one person comes up to me. And there is a dialogue between us

    • Do you read the Bible?
    • Yes.
    • Do you believe in God?
    • Sure…

    …A small pause…

    • Do you know who Jesus is?
    • Sure. He is a God made man.
    • No. Let me show you.

    And he began to show me that Jesus is not really God, but the archangel Michael. This is my first encounter with a Jehovah's witness. I wasn't very good at the Bible at the time. Although many passages that I showed him from the Bible, if not put him in a dead end, then forced him to dodge. But competently. And at that time, my friend showed up. I apologized to my interlocutor and said.

    • I don't know the Bible as well as you do. But I feel like you're lying to me.

    He laughed and we parted.

    When, after a walk with a friend, I was taking the train home, I remembered my dialogue with the”witness”. And this communication, to be honest, confused me. So I asked Jesus Christ a direct question.

    • Tell me, Lord Jesus. Who are you? Are you God or are you the Archangel Michael?

    And he began to read the Bible. And while reading chapter 9 I found verse 6

    “For a child is born to us, and a son is given to us.”;

    The dominion is on His shoulders, and they will call His name:

    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.”

    And I saw it clearly. That the baby being born is Jesus. That the Son given to us is Jesus. That is, it confirmed that Jesus is a human being. But then it is written about Him that He is a strong God. Not an archangel, not a cherub, not a seraph. And God is strong. I got the answer to my first question.

  12. Tell them about your family. About my grandparents on my dad's side. How and where did you meet? How did they live? How was the pope made? How did the Pope, through a friend of the Holy Spirit, create Jesus? Who does it look more like? Did he ever visit Isusyat somewhere?

  13. I would get down on my knees,and one word: “I'm SORRY.”I'm sorry for wars, anger, lies.Forgive us for our lack of faith.I'm sorry that we learn to love only by standing on the edge.I'm sorry that there is no mercy ,that we are gnawing at each other.Forgive me for everything, save me, don't throw me away,Protect me,comfort me, guide me.

  14. Why does humanity have an endless stream of troubles? When, like You, you explained it to us in detail 2000 years ago.

    “And He would have turned to A. S. Pushkin for an answer”:

    Freedom sower

    Freedom of the desert sower,

    I (i.e., Christ) went out early, before the star;

    With a clean and innocent hand

    Into the enslaved reins

    He threw a life-giving seed —

    But I only lost time,

    Good thoughts and works…

    Graze, peaceful peoples!

    You won't be woken up by an honor cry.

    Why do flocks need the gifts of freedom?

    They should be cut or cut.

    Their inheritance from generation to generation

    A yoke with rattlesnakes and a whip.

  15. Lord, how could I help You with my little strength? Well, yes, I like to speculate on religious issues and most often, apparently, it is not very appropriate and presumptuous. I am sure that you will not be upset by this, but my cold indifference to many things that are being done near and around, alas, you will be offended. Like many people, I ask for the cross with all my might. Do not turn Your face away from me even in this situation.

  16. I would ask him about newborns with heart defects, about oncology in children, when half of those diagnosed die. I would also ask about children born with HIV. what did they do that was so terrible?

    and if he had said something like “… theirs is the kingdom of God” , he would have spat in his face.

  17. I would ask: What's it like to be the son of God?

    And the rest of the topic would be designated as follows: Does God need religion? (such as whether you need to believe in it, whether you need to perform rituals, or whether it is better to just live with the values prescribed in the commandments)

    And in general, it would be cool if I could give the right to talk to him to religious people, because they are the ones who most often need it. Or they don't even need to, but they need to hear his teachings again. After all, there is an interesting observation when people without religion for some reason often live according to the rules of Christianity, and some believers contradict the teaching.

  18. In fact, I would be happy to be convinced of the fact of its historicity (I am such an Unbeliever Thomas). That is, was there really such a person and was it one real person, and not a collective image of several prophets who preached at that time?
    If I were given the option of one question, I would ask the following:
    “Do you consider yourself an Abrahamic God in a human body?”. I would like to understand if he really considered himself an all-powerful being who created the world, or if his students misunderstood and misinterpreted everything.
    If there was a second question, then… ” What did you do in the unknown years? Maybe he visited far eastern countries?”. In general, it would be very interesting to listen to the story of his life and compare it with the Gospel versions.
    And yes, I would definitely like to walk around with him for a while and watch the wonders he created. If it were still with modern equipment (to check with a scientific method how he healed people) – in general, it would be priceless. It all looks too unrealistic now, and in our time such “cures” often turn out to be quackery.
    For all my Christian upbringing, my opinion is now closer to the Muslim perception of the question – if God existed, he would not have any schizophrenic triunity, and Jesus would be, at best, his prophet.

  19. In principle, everyone has the opportunity to “talk to Jesus” – this is called prayer, which is what normal Christians are usually always busy with. This is not a one-sided monologue, but a dialogue in which the answer from Christ comes in different forms and expressions – through insights, revelations, dreams, through circumstances, through other people, through the Scriptures, etc. Of course, this does not happen as with an “answering machine” and here the search is important, the desire to understand, learn to hear, distinguish, etc.�

    8 The spirit breathes where it pleases, and you hear its voice, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes: so it is with everyone born of the Spirit.
    (John 3: 8)

    4 Man will not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God
    (Matthew 4: 4).

    The topic of questions is certainly not the satisfaction of your curiosity, but the knowledge of the saving Truth that will help you navigate correctly in everything and choose the right path. What did normal people ask Christ when He walked the earth 2,000 years ago ? They asked for healing, forgiveness of sins, deliverance, when the Kingdom of Heaven will come, the Truth, eternal life, the Judgments of God, etc. Everything depended and still depends on the immediate needs of a person – someone needs the simplest goods, and someone needs eternal goods.

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