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  1. I don't think that our life is so radically different from such a wake-up in one day) However, in a rather shorter life span.

    Most people who live the measured life of a philistine, life is very measured and orderly. And all the surprises that happen are perceived as stress. And not everyone is ready to wake up every new day in a completely new time and unexpected place.

  2. To begin with, I would calculate 1000 years * 365.25 days = 365250 days I have left. And I'd start thinking.

    Here I am stuck in some day. I wear it to the store. I buy food and drink beer. Then I spit on everything and go to bed. I wake up on another day and find out that I want to go to the bathroom. And I'm surprised: The day is option 2, and the beer drunk, once in the bladder, asks for an exit from the day of option 1. And as soon as it, the former beer, leaves me, it can disappear when option 3 day comes, and if I put up with it and keep it with me for a while, then I can deliver it to my something on option 3 day. Fishechka.

    And I will spend the rest of my days eating and sleeping and thinking about this paradox. Exactly:

    There are conglomerates of molecules that are with me, they have a continuous evolution. And there are conglomerates of molecules that are not with me. They have a piecewise repeating evolution. I would then spend days and start looking for a power source that takes the vapors of my skin as they move away from the surface of me by a distance of microns, moving them from a mode with continuous evolution to a mode with piecewise repeating evolution.

    This raises a question. The power source knows exactly the boundaries of my body, fixes their intersection of something from inside to outside. Even if I'm on the move. Then, either it is I myself, but I do not control this process, and where then are the forces to repeat the surrounding in all volume, or something or someone translates me in time.

    And I conclude: this is malicious intent or an experiment on me. And a technology unknown to me. God doesn't play with such toys. He's serious. So, the assumption is that these are foreigners and their technology.

    In this case, we'll spend a few days monitoring the area for signs of intruders and establishing the motive that could have caused the aliens to have so much fun with me. And set for yourself – this is a working “machine” left for processing me or someone's daily voluntarism.

    In short, the continuation, where I got to the bottom of the truth and corrected everything follows.:)

  3. Subjectivism further.

    First you need to calculate. 1000 years = 365,000 days. Monotonous, monotonous days.

    Logically, it is worth assuming that every day you will wake up in the same place, with the same opportunities, with the same acquaintances, etc. And no matter how your day turns around, even if you manage to construct a nuclear bomb and activate it in a day , everything will come back the next day. Am I right?”

    It's more like torture. The only thing that will change in this cycle is yourself. You can change your tastes, attitudes, principles, and everything else about yourself, but the world will not change in any way. Therefore, the first couple of years you can entertain yourself with low desires. Drugs, women, funny suicides, in general, a variety of sins in its full spectrum. And then what? 998 years of introspection? I think by this time your mind will be floating like a chocolate bar in a microwave oven. And there, no one knows what will happen to you and your sanity.

    Therefore, I can give an unequivocal answer – I would go mad and pray to all the gods of Olympus and Asgard to stop this torture.

  4. I think it would be nice. For example, if this is your usual everyday day, without any accidents, like woke up-ate-went to bed, then why would you live such a day for at least 1000, at least some other years?

    No need to worry about your family, because you know that nothing can happen to them on THIS day, and since these days are always repeated, it means that you should not expect any other development of fate. This brings calmness.

    In addition, YOU, as the main character, can add variety to this day in any way you want. For example, to sit on a completely different site instead of the usual one on the Internet)) or go for a walk, performing actions of any nature, knowing that from 00:00 hours everything will “reset” again and you will not have any consequences. M, negative) It's like a game in which you just don't save and you are constantly thrown to the place where you left off. Personal imho)

    Also: you can learn from your mistakes. I don't think you need to decipher it here, it's already clear.

    Only, perhaps, some will have questions like ” won't you get tired of the monotony?”. It seems to me that it is better than unnecessary shocks and experiences, sadness and melancholy and everything else that can happen in the normal course of life (of course, refusing to have joyful events, since that's the case).

    You will say: “Well, what if it turns out this way and you live through your worst day?”. I will think about it, but I will answer that, hey, this is my life, my fantasy (because this can not happen in reality), so you should focus solely on my imagination and imagination, and I have the right to decide which day to choose for “repetition”. )

    All the best! And have a good day!)

  5. I would have been lucky in this case – I'm an introvert. Therefore, it wouldn't have taken me too long to get through it properly.
    Or, to thoroughly master a certain skill (writing, playing music, knowledge of quantum physics, for example), and bring this business to a new, qualitative level.

  6. I allowed myself not to be afraid that I would do something wrong, to try something that I would never have risked in my entire life. I'd like to see how I can influence my surroundings in just one day.

    I'd devote some effort to planning and gathering information. Some problems.

    Nothing would have changed in the world for me, except that it started working according to new rules, but for others I would forever be a different, slightly crazy person who either tries to do everything in one day, or who gives up everything in the world for no particular reason.

    I do not know how such “transfers” would affect my brain, because, sooner or later, the amount of information in my head would become critical, which would deprive me of the opportunity to do at least something, simply destroying every moment of a new day.

    But I would try to eventually expand my ability to store information in principle, or break the chain of transfers, maybe open it to live a normal linear life.

    I don't know who I would have been in the latter case.

  7. Hmm, well, if I know for sure that suddenly such a lafa will not end , then first I will try all sorts of antisocial and obscene things. Then, when you get tired of it, you can start self-development. To hell with work, to hell with everything-a thousand-year vacation and endless development.

    The main thing is not to miss the moment when everything is over. Well, I think the millennial elder will be bored to live in a world that has begun to change. This will be a bigger blow than Groundhog Day.

  8. I don't know what I would have done all these days if I was dying, I would have been waiting all the time(I understand).
    Well, I would try all the ways of suicide and live in extreme conditions.there will be life in kaef as for me to do everything that you were previously very afraid to do and much more.

  9. To wake up on “the same day” and keep the memory of the past “the same day” does this really meet the conditions of “the same day”? In fact it's the people around you who will actually live the same day

  10. The main thing is that it should be a day off, and preferably a summer one, then you can find something to do, during this time you can try yourself in many ways: any hobbies, sports, art, anything, any experiments)

  11. It should be offered to the scientist , who �never have enough �one �life �for �complete �important experiment . �What �for �me ,I would first �just staged �would � yourself �comfortable life and � the opportunity � to visit �one �day �more �places �on �the planet( within one day). � In �conditions �'t �says that I will be �limited � something else , just in time.

  12. You can do what you love, relax in a country you like, or spend the whole day with the person you love. It doesn't matter what. The main point is that at the end of the day you lose your memory, preferably not most of it)) then each new day in time will be really new

  13. Interesting question. But what do you mean: that it will be the same day of the week for 1000 years, or will it be “groundhog day”, and the days of the week will alternate as before? Also: will this 1000 years be just for me alone or for the whole world?
    In general, working days (and there are more of them than weekends or holidays, vacation here) and so “Groundhog Day”, the basis of which is this fucking work, which usually takes the best time of day. Work at a different time? I also had to work at night (daytime was free, respectively). It's not pleasant enough: like a zombie, sleep fells (the body demands its own). And then you'll spend the best time of day sleeping. And also to and from work, and usually by the same routes, along the same streets. Plus shopping in stores or markets, cooking, TV, Internet, something at home to do around the house (if I have time) – and the day is over. Well, yes, and a dream. At least my dreams are interesting and varied.
    If you choose a day of the week, then let it be Sunday. And it definitely won't be “groundhog day”, because then you can do anything you want. And what, will there be a 1000-year-old Sunday all over the world? Well, I'll have 1000 years off. I haven't saved up any money for 1000 years yet, so I'll still have to earn it somehow. Well, no one canceled the sale and part-time work. Let's say a 1000-year-old Sunday is for everyone. Yes, grocery stores, markets, many businesses, and transport are still open on Sundays. But a lot of things don't work on Sunday, which will create some inconvenience. So let the 1000-year-old Sunday be just for me. At work, I will say this: I have a 1000-year Sunday, I will come to work on Monday in 1000 years.
    However, this idea makes sense if you don't age at all in 1000 years, otherwise nothing will come of it.

  14. Don't you know that's exactly what you did? It's just that Phil Connors remembered his last groundhog day, and the rest of the world didn't. But they woke up on the same day, just not remembering anything about it.

    But no one put this condition in the question…

  15. “Groundhog Day” for a thousand years – this is too much.And you won't live that long.Your biological clock will continue to tick at the same pace.But in principle, it is possible to adapt to such a life.People lived on uninhabited islands for a long time, and somehow survived, but they were there alone, and in a relatively closed world.And in our case, to diversify life, more opportunities.With modern transport capabilities, it is not a problem to be anywhere in the world in a day.And as long as your health allows, you won't be bored.And how many good deeds can be done, how many troubles can be prevented, because after a while, you will be aware of all the events that occurred that day.Just try not to do dirty tricks, after any night you can find yourself not in yesterday, but in tomorrow.At least in the movie Groundhog Day, that's what happened in the end.

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