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  1. I would have heard it not as a complaint, but as a request for help.

    I would have told you.

    Not to the grown-up child, I said something to HIM, but WITH HIM.

    Understand and keep in mind that both shit and beautiful, that both are true, and bear it. Don't run into the positifcheg or the blackness. It seems adequate to me. And youth-yes, just a period of maximalism, when it seems that if not black/white, then gray. No. Miscellaneous and deep – across the entire palette. – But this, however, probably really comes through personal crises with blackness; and the experience of living full of happiness AFTERWARDS; and again crises… Somehow it seems to me that without such personal experience, it's more like a logical understanding, “from the mind”.

    ..And-yes, this is definitely not a claim. Pain. The pain of living. – Ek I'm pathetic. But it's also true.

  2. Either they will stop, or they will drag out the old song about “well, not everything is so bad, look at life more positively”, or-most often – they will yell “YES, I GAVE BIRTH TO YOU ALL MY LIFE, SCUM SHOULD BE GRATEFUL TO ME”. And, or they will advise you to go to a psychologist, well, well.

    People don't think about children when they have children. They think about themselves, only about themselves and exclusively about themselves all the time that they are somehow engaged with children. This is a way to raise your self-esteem, no more. That is why such an aura of achievement is created around the birth of children – in order to further cultivate their self-esteem. Especially if they themselves are not able to feed and take care of even a parrot. That is why they demand from children gratitude for the fact that they were “born and raised”, although any fool can do it – everything happens by itself, even the participation of parents in the process is not as such. And that is why parents will defend their desire to give birth to a child to the death, because this is their reason to be proud and increase their self-esteem. Often the only one. They are more likely to convince you that you are a moral freak or sick, rather than admit that they made a mistake when they gave birth, and did not think that you would be uncomfortable. Although the conclusion about the discomfort of the world can be absolutely adequate and logical.

    If this question bothers you, the first thing you will have to do is build your own part of the world, where you will be comfortable, I believe. This is where a good psychologist can help-to understand together what you are comfortable with and what bothers you. How to treat your parents if they are to blame for the situation? Yes, as you feel comfortable. You don't have to forgive them, you don't have to love them, you don't have to do anything at all. Just like anyone else. You weren't asked if you wanted to be born.

    Pour out the cons!!)))

  3. I'll say, ” Welcome to real life, son.”
    Yes, The question is the best platform for such questions. In general, this is a typical teenage complaint to parents, occurs when children want to live independently. You need to understand that this behavior is the norm, and you don't need to perceive it as something outstanding.

  4. I will tell him that this world is diverse. And that some things are amazing and beautiful and I really want to show them to him. And that if everything seems so terrible and disgusting to him, then he should know that he can change everything. I will offer to help him in a difficult situation, but I am ready to step aside if he decides to do everything himself. And if I ever have a child, he will have the opportunity to learn and make the world a better place. It's the only thing worth living for.

  5. The form of my answer would depend on his age and consciousness, but the essence would remain the same.

    I would have tried to pre-empt his question – my own remorse for this choice to conceive him, if it was my fault.

    But if I didn't have time, I would have said something like this: “You know, I wanted to talk to you about it myself, because it's a very important and adult question, but somehow I didn't dare. When I wanted to give birth to you, unfortunately, I was selfish, not capable of compassion – I just didn't think that you might face pain in your life – both physical and emotional. I thought only of myself and was guided by completely non-motherly motives (hereinafter-their honest listing). I think that I was conditioned by external factors, but I will not deny the possible presence of personal will, and therefore guilt and responsibility. Later, when you were already there, watching you suffer from the very first cry, I realized that I had voluntarily pulled you out of the perfect dimension of the World-non-existence, in which you had been forever. There was no suffering, and I should have left you there. But I couldn't. And I regret it very much, because if I could have changed my choice in the past , I would never have done this to you. And now, I really want to help you get through everything that happened to you, I want to learn to truly love you, serve you and appreciate your interests. I believe that one day you will return to your home – to that beautiful world of nothingness, and all your suffering will end, and you will live there forever. And this life is only a moment compared to Eternity. I will try to help you make your life easier, and as long as I live, I will always help you. Tell me everything you feel, everything you think…”

  6. “This world is not made up by us,” but it will be as you create it. But you need not sit and wait for the manna of heaven, but create. Create, create the world around you. Surround yourself with “your” people, set goals and achieve them, and love them… Do not despair, everyone goes through this pain, awareness of the frailty and corruption of life is part of the way, and I will try to help you get over it and see that this world is not so bad.

  7. shit can be pretty, too. for example, moose and roe deer shit is beautiful and different animals have different shit. it's very interesting to sort out the shit who left it. it's like footprints. in general, this is correct. no reason to have children. there are already too many people and it's getting bigger.

  8. Well, let's start with the fact that no one asked to give birth.

    And then I'll tell you that I also thought so (yes, who am I kidding, I still think so), but you need to live for the sake of people close to us, the feeling of love saves.. Let it all seem bad, but this is only at first glance, if you look closely, you can find pluses, albeit small ones. You need to live, live for the sake of others, at least..

  9. What should I tell him? The main thing is not to overdo it ! Because if you make your child hurt, it is possible that he may have thoughts of suicide !�

    Just explain (don't try to influence psychologically! This can lead to harm!) Tell him that every person has had the same situation as him .. that everyone went through it . That everyone suffered with it ! But sooner or later everything passed ?! Just need to calm down !!

    And now we will analyze why he (she) can say this�

    1. Problems at school

    2. Sora with a girl

    3. Not friends (enemies)

    4. Sora with your loved ones !

    5. A mistake that he (she ) knew about but made !�

    In accordance with these options, you can choose a good answer to his question !!!!

  10. It's fun dude, have fun.

    Even if you feel this fun now, you'll feel it later.

    By the way, I was against your birth,but since it happened, have fun.

  11. Of course, such a question does not arise out of nothing. Most likely, in the process of various existential experiences peculiar to this age, the child came to these very questions: “What's it all for? What does this world exist for? What is my place in it?”

    Not finding the answer, the child decides for himself that the world is shit. This is later confirmed by his observations about the discrepancy between real life and the idyllic simplified images that his parents, society, school, etc. instilled in him from childhood.

    So, he couldn't find any answers to the questions. However, they are there. Objectively, in order to understand the meaning of life/existence of the world, it is necessary to determine its primary source, the reason for its occurrence. But the problem is that it lies outside the context of the universe itself. While our language can only describe what lies within this context. Therefore, the meaning of life is not so much impossible to know as it is impossible to describe.

    Therefore, I would recommend that the child abstract from the search for universal meaning and take a closer look at the aesthetics of life. For it permeates every minute detail of it. There's beauty in every little spot on the fogged-up glass. Just stop in the now moment and take a closer look. And then, the heart will quickly tell you what the point was. But there are no words for this.

    This is a purely philosophical answer. All the best.

  12. You will understand when you find the right person and make children with them, and you will love them as much as I love you. Children are the flowers of life. And this is all an endless cycle.

  13. And I won't have any children. I am a retired schizophrenic invalid, and my mother's family is quite poor. I asked my mother why she gave birth to me, and she said that the doctors did not recognize the pregnancy. From this we can conclude that it is important for a person as an animal to leave offspring. And in what form it is left – it does not matter, natural selection will decide. My mother is one of those people whose emotions prevail over logic, that is, the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which is responsible for planning, is poorly developed.

  14. Well, there can only be one answer. Say, ” who the fuck knows?” and laugh out loud, smearing yourself with mayonnaise, and jump out the window.�

    PS Don't worry, everything is fine, I don't have any children.

  15. I would say that the things that require effort when we are lazy seem to be shit: lessons are shit, shit in the room is shit, tired parents are shit. You don't want to be a part of it, but you're ashamed to admit that you're lazy, so it's easier to call the world shit and resent being in a place where you need to do all this stuff. And why did you give birth? To live, since he won the race, being a sperm. Here's a puppy picked up, the flowers are watered-live. And you were born to see what happened… Now, I'll tell you, it's your turn to decide why to live. What about the shit: according to the law of aviation-who bothers, he will remove it. And we, loving you, will help)

  16. You know, I want to believe that my child will not grow up to be a stupid pedo and will not speak phrases from the public a la “you're on show-offs, and I'm in heels” or “fuck normality”.�

    But even if this happens, I will say: “You will play theater with your mother! Show me your diary!”

  17. First, I'd like to explain why my child thinks so. Speaking, listening, and being able to hear the other person will be very important and necessary in this case.�

    My answer to the little man's reasoning will depend on the essence of that reasoning, but I'll probably try to tell you that there are a lot of beautiful things in this shitty world. And that the shitiness of the world depends on his own perception and attitude to the world. And that you can try to make this world a little better and kinder, not for the whole of humanity, but for him (the child) personally and for the closest environment. Maybe this example of kindness will be passed on to someone else, and the person will also start making the world a better place, and so gradually the good will be passed on to those who are open to good, and gradually, of course, everything will change.

    It sounds hopelessly utopian.

  18. Perhaps this is rude, but it sets the brain straight and makes you think about responsibility for your perception of the world.�

    Listen, dude, I want to remind you that you were once a sperm cell that moved very fast. First of all, you moved faster than any other sperm, and secondly, you were more lucky than others, you were the chosen one who fertilized the egg. Apparently, then you really wanted to get into this world, so much so that you moved faster than others and became the chosen one, unlike hundreds of thousands of other brothers-you got the opportunity to be born.

    And today you ask me why we gave birth to you? Perhaps you should remember why and why you were so eager to get into this world, to be born in our family? Then you would have given way to another sperm, another person would have been born, and perhaps that other person would not have asked me such questions today, but would have thanked me and my mother for having given birth to you, fed you, shod you, clothed you, raised you, in general, would have thanked the world for giving you the opportunity to live in it.

  19. You see, Jason, you think we gave birth to you, but you're actually adopted. Your father was the founder of the Treadstone Project. He was a true patriot of his country, and he would have been proud of you, son. Keep a hundred, go to the store, buy yourself an ice cream cone, and I'll have a beer. And don't forget, you're under surveillance from now on. Your country is proud of you, son.

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