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  1. I'm not a big expert in this field, but I love it) I would venture to suggest that the main idea of de Saussure, the actual father of semiotics,is to distinguish language as a common set of grammatical, stylistic and other means of constructing the phrase ´┐Żand speech itself, as specific statements of specific people. These two concepts are not only not identical, but dichotomous, like the relations of “form” and “content”. However, de Saussure does not go beyond the thesis of the conventionality of the sign. For Ivf, however, epistemological issues seemed more significant. Truth, reality, identity of representations about the world, our way of expressing them and the real world. In particular, he speaks of semiotics as a science that studies everything that can be used to lie, but lies that do not actually have a negative connotation. Take the unicorn, for example. The concept of” unicorn “is based on a specific unit of content with a set of fairly clear attributes, but” it doesn't have to ” exist in reality. The interpreter, which is society as a whole, dealing only with signs, thinking and speaking, forever creates its own cultural worlds, which only indirectly relate to physical reality. This is the very” green code ” – the main term of Ivf. The unicorn is not a mirror image of reality, but a way to encode it.

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