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  1. A simulacrum is a copy without the original. A simulacrum is an object that does not have a referent (prototype). An example of a modern simulacrum is money, because it exists as a fictitious unit, which is no longer confirmed by the gold reserve. The edited photo will also be a simulacrum, because it will no longer correspond to the original.

    The process of creating simulacra is a simulation. Simulation is the process when reality (referent/prototype) is replaced by hyperreality (lack of connection with reality). It seems to me that culture will be a simulation, because people have begun to move further away from nature and create more and more fictitious objects (ideology, xenophobia, segregation) that have no connection with reality.

  2. A simulacrum is, for example, a figurine of Santa Claus. That is, something that represents something that is not really there.

    Simulation-this is when you are dressed as Santa Claus for the New Year bring gifts to children, depicting (simulating) the behavior of Santa Claus.

    Such things, little ones.

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