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  1. Pelevin's description of this butterfly is beautiful:

    “- What is really true? Chapaev repeated, and closed his eyes again. “I don't think you'll find an answer to that question.” Because in fact, there is no” business itself”.

    “How's that?” I asked.

    “Oh, Petka, Petka,” said Chapaev, ” I once knew a Chinese communist named Tse Chuang. He often had one dream – that he was a red butterfly flying among the grass. And when he woke up, he couldn't tell whether the butterfly had dreamed that she was doing revolutionary work, or whether the underground worker had had a dream in which he was fluttering among the flowers. So, when this Jie Zhuang was arrested in Mongolia for sabotage, he said during the interrogation that he was actually a butterfly who was dreaming about all this. Since he was interrogated by Baron Junger himself, and he is a man of great understanding, the next question would be why this butterfly is for Communists. And he said she wasn't for the Communists at all. Then he was asked why in this case the butterfly is engaged in subversive activities. And he said that everything people do is so ugly that it doesn't make any difference which side you're on.

    “And what happened to him?”

    “Nothing. They put him up against the wall and woke him up.

    “And he?”

    Chapaev shrugged his shoulders.

    “I guess I went further.”

  2. There is no problem here. Chuang Tzu dreams that he is a butterfly (hereinafter with a capital letter), but not vice versa, since it is impossible to emulate a less complex system with a more complex one.

    Denying that the Butterfly (as well as Chuang Tzu) has a soul, as a certain real entity, equally complex in both the Butterfly and the person, we come to the conclusion that only the brain of Chuang Tzu could imitate an unreal Butterfly in a dream, which differs from the real ones by the possibility of seeing in a dream that it is Chuang Tzu.

  3. lib.ruApparently, we are talking about the Chuang Tzu butterfly. (The Chinese philosopher, according to his biography, Chuang Tzu lived between 369 BC and 286 BC.)�

    Once the philosopher dreamed that he was a butterfly. When he awoke, he could not tell whether he was Chuang Tzu, who dreamed that he was a butterfly, or a butterfly who dreamed that she was Chuang Tzu.

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