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  1. This means that behind any scientific truth lies a whole bunch of unconfirmed others. To come to the truth, you have to go through a series of denials.”

    The meaning is simple:

    Anton the Killer (statement)

    No, he was in a cafe with his family yesterday (denial of the claim)

    There is an alibi, so he is innocent (fact)

  2. In my opinion, this is a denial of what is generally accepted and most people think. This is one of the features of science. In fact, science is the denial of what most people think. But most people do not care about this, so the scientific world is significantly removed from ordinary people. And this does not mean that scientists are getting wiser.

  3. Denial as a way of critical thinking, challenging which can lead to a logical truth. That is, everything should be questioned or even denied until proven otherwise. If you are told something, you will say no, then the person, if he is convinced of his thought, will convince you and bring an argument to your denial. If they change your mind, you will learn a new truth that will be stable. Thus, by accumulating knowledge, you “learn”.

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