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  1. Of course, these were not experiments. A means of combating epilepsy. At the same time, the following phenomenon was noticed: when presenting pictures to each eye separately, the person was not able to describe in words the pictures that were presented to the left eye. He claimed there was nothing there. But his unconscious mind was able to draw correct conclusions: for example, his right hand can accurately point to an object presented to the corresponding hemisphere.

    Whether consciousness is split or one is preserved-the question remains moot. it depends on how to define this mysterious consciousness.

  2. The functions of the hemispheres are not always separated, because there is no point in their symmetrical duplication. It's just that it's not obvious at first glance, and after crossing the bridge it becomes more obvious. But in any case, a small part of the brain is engaged in conscious activity, and most of all possibilities are realized unconsciously-habitual actions, for example. When we drive a car, if we know how to do it well, we do it almost without the participation of consciousness. But if we are still learning, the consciousness is actively involved in the process, and it is clearly weaker, it is always much more difficult to manage mechanisms consciously than “on the machine”, when everything is “registered” in the subconscious.

    All this has nothing to do with personality, because only a small part of the frontal lobe is responsible for self-awareness and personality

  3. There have been such cases. Read the “notes of a neurosurgeon”, there are more mysterious things described.

    But the details, alas, my current identity does not remember )

  4. No one has ever had a split brain, you know. And if this is done, then there will be no division of consciousness in two, there will be an instant death of the carrier.

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