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  1. The question is cleverly worded and begins with ” Can…”

    Of course, with such a statement of the question, there is no other answer than “well, of course it can”. Anything can bring you satisfaction in life. But this does not mean that it was conceived only to bring satisfaction in life.

    Religion (now we will not even specify what kind, just talk in general terms) can really push you to acquire certain values and meanings, help you realize yourself within your own framework, and help you socialize. All this goes into the piggy bank of “satisfaction in life”.

    But in general, if you do not hammer nails with a microscope (you can also do it, it is quite heavy for this) and try to approach the problem “through the door, not the window”, then you should start the question with “Why does someone not find satisfaction in life?”. Moreover, for each individual person and the reason will be personal and specific.

    Some of the reasons may really relate to the sphere of religion, some – completely out of touch with religion, and in such cases religion may not help.

    In general , you need more medical history, you need to look for the causes, and only then figure out what can help with eliminating these causes and solving these problems.

  2. Man is created in the image and likeness of God,that is, we are created with a need for spiritual things-Genesis 1/26). Since God created us, God is our Father-Creator-Creator, naturally, He knows that we will need Him, His guidance, so He left us a set of laws, requirements, and commandments. Just as we need our earthly father,we also have a genetic love for our heavenly Father. Those who study the Bible, find God, have a strong relationship with him ( you, however, mentally address those who are far away from us or have died). We need the love and protection of God,we are all His earthly children-creatures.Just as communication with our earthly father gives us comfort,just as if we reread the letters of relatives who have died, we still feel connected. The Bible is the word of the living God – it is a guide to our life. The Bible was written by our ancestors, for us-2 Timothy 3/16, 17 -,, All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for instruction, for reproof,for correction, for admonition in righteousness….., God the Father is always near to those who seek Him, who call on Him, who live according to His laws

  3. All religions were created by people to control people again, books were written with laws and rules on how to live and what to believe. Therefore, if you have any problems in which you can not find a way out on your own, then you can contact a priest or psychologist who will explain how you can or better find satisfaction in life, for example…

  4. Yes, of course. It is the acquisition of faith in God that is the meaning of a person's life. Leo Tolstoy wrote about this in more detail. Read his books such as: confessions, diaries, The Way of life, Reading circle….

  5. Here, as you can see.

    So, a person may not be satisfied with the content of life in its fruits, or he may be dissatisfied with the fact that he does not see the Meaning of life.

    And here, in the first component of dissatisfaction, you just need to change your attitude to life, find your niche in it. And with your talent to multiply the joy of being in your environment.

    But as for the second component – the meaning of life in general, then there is nowhere without God, because He not only indicates this meaning:

    “…you must be born again … from water and the Spirit …”!

    .. but it will also lead you on this path, right up to the posthumous resurrection to eternal Life in the abodes of Love … if you trust Him!

  6. Without faith, there is no truth. After all, we believe what we believe to be true. We believe that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and this is a delusion. the ratio of the masses of the Earth and the Sun is 1 to 400,000. How does the Earth rotate according to the laws of mechanics and not fall into the Sun?

  7. A person can be helped either by himself or by another person. Any book can show options, but not help in saving. Perhaps deep spiritual books can “help” you get on the “true” path, but will it really be like this for you? Q not being another egregor that feeds on your energy?

    It is better to spend time analyzing your “book of life” – your path, go to a parapsychologist if you feel that you need to, dive into the past and find a problem there.

    The solution to any problem is within us.

  8. Everything will depend on your desires, what they are and what you want to get satisfaction from. I want to note that there is nothing eternal or contentment either. When you start learning something, your mind is distracted by something external and there is no dissatisfaction. As soon as there is a stagnation in knowledge in your life and something new appears dissatisfaction. So start learning what you don't know, and religion, God, or the Bible will do. Everything will depend on the development of your understanding and what you can take for consideration, and passing for a new experience.

  9. Religion arose precisely because man( as a species) is a transition to the next stage of evolution. Moreover, evolution has already come to the border of the material world, a person needs to enter Another world. Therefore, we, even atheists, are not satisfied with the world, people and ourselves. It's the need to move that itches in us. Religion helps to realize this “itch”.

    BUT WE MUST UNDERSTAND THAT RELIGION DOES NOT DENY THE MATERIAL WORLD . Buddhism may be in denial. And other religions teach that the physical life is a preparation for the afterlife. In Christianity, in general, matter will be in the next life. Otherwise, why are we given matter? Christianity teaches us to love matter, but not simple, but spiritualized. This is how a person is designed to make it. That's the satisfaction. For this purpose, not only religion, but the entire spiritual sphere: science, art, education, and sports. To overcome your nature, to improve, to improve the life around you-this is satisfaction.

  10. Anything he starts to believe in will help. Even God, even the Devil, even a Goldfish. This action itself is an action to resolve the issue.

    But we must understand that these characters are fiction and do not exist. However, knowing this, faith in them also disappears. A vicious circle…

  11. Once upon a time, a very wise king also sought satisfaction in life. He thought a lot and experienced a lot, but in the end he said: “I have seen all the works that are done under the sun, and behold, all is vanity and vexation of spirit” (Ecclesiastes 1: 14).

    And what did this wise king try in his life?

    He learned wisdom, madness, stupidity and came to the conclusion that this is” chasing the wind.” Then he gave himself up to mirth and enjoyed many good things, but he saw that it was – – – – “vanity” (Ecclesiastes 2:1). He also came to the conclusion that having a large property does not bring satisfaction in life.

    Does this mean that nothing can bring happiness and satisfaction in a person's life? Did this wise king come to any final conclusion? Yes, he said: “Let us hear the essence of all things :fear God and keep his commandments, for this is all for man” (Ecclesiastes 12: 13).

    When you think about the book of Ecclesiastes, you can learn a lot about the meaning of life. Very encouraging is verse 3: 11, which says that ” He made all things beautiful in his own time, and put peace in them.” (eternity – – – in another translation) in the heart of them (people).

    What does this world or eternity mean ? This is a person's desire to live forever, without end, and enjoy the fruits of their labor without end. Only then can a person find satisfaction in life. Unfortunately, humanity has taken a different path, the path of disobedience to its Creator.

    But not everything is so sad! Out of love, our Creator took the first step towards us. “For God so loved the world (men) that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life” (John 3:16).

    You can write a lot, but it is better to delve into what you have written yourself and ask the Creator for understanding . It is not for nothing that this book has existed for more than 3,500 years and is a bestseller in our time!

  12. Yes, it can. And not necessarily the Bible, there are many Teachings, and there are many roads to God. But it doesn't work in such a way that I just touched it, plunged into the area – and satisfaction immediately turned on. It can be both incomprehensible and out of place, and there are many temptations, deceptions and self-deceptions along the way. Hypocrisy, pride, fanaticism, and the exploitation of ideas are all protected here. But, for me, our pendulums and dissatisfaction with life are precisely because the soul is always reaching up, a person is always reaching for God, looking for Him, and dissatisfaction with a satisfying, seemingly full life is the first sign that there is no sense in earthly things, in material things, that we are not here to save (acquire), that earthly goods will always be few and there is no real happiness in them. That you want something different, something higher. But the request for this path should come from within as a necessity.

  13. Yes, anything can help, if a person believes in it.

    If you truly believe in something, no matter what-God, the devil, Thor, Zeus, Odin doesn't matter-then yes, it will help you.

    You will see any positive action as a help from outside and let it be so for you)

    I think a person needs to believe in something, to stream something.

  14. Yes, it can. But religion is primarily as knowledge-knowledge about God, about our spiritual nature, about the meaning of creating this world and coming here, and so on.

    Usually, people look for satisfaction in some temporary, external things, but this is pointless. at least because they are changeable, they first need to be extracted somehow, and then they constantly threaten to disappear, this brings anxiety. Spiritual knowledge also helps to realize eternal things, they are stable and their nature is the same as ourselves, so they can give a stable, independent satisfaction and happiness.

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