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  1. The question has several layers. From an ordinary point of view, this is definitely a symptom. Because of their psychological injuries, people have a hard time accepting reality and choose fantasies as a defense. Many people think that thought affects something in the external material world. Of course, this is not the case. Weak and weak-willed people, broken by psychotrauma, are not able to influence reality much, but rather reality mercilessly “mocks” them. However, at the level of quats, we know that the observer influences the outcome of the observation, and this directly indicates that the observer's thought processes directly affect material reality. Whether everyone is able to be an observer, and not an object of observation, in my opinion depends on the degree of awakening of each of us.

  2. If you want to do this seriously, you need to understand what your thought, your idea, your imagination and your fantasy are. You should know the difference between one and the other. You must understand what a real (realized) reality is and what it is based on. What is the relationship between these things at the energy-information level? First of all, you must know yourself( self-identification), the qualities that determine your true Self and the individuality of the will. What is the expression of individuality and how it relates to free will? What limits your personal freedom and what is the area of absolute power (control)? You should know why the exercise of free will is impossible without such a quality as love. In addition, you should know how any quality can be polarized, including love. Knowing yourself, you will know others, and through them you will know the world in the reflection of consciousnesses. How your thought interacts with the thoughts of others. How much people's thoughts and desires are identical to each other (the principle of correspondence), and how many of them show internal individuality. What is the degree of polarization and how does the principle of polarity affect the realization of desires? What is the inertia of the world's motion (the principle of vibration) and what are the transpersonal formations of consciousness? And so on and on. Everything that concerns mental alchemy will be real magic, and the rest will only be a screen to distract the attention of the ignorant.

    • The impact on reality by the power of thought occurs continuously and for every self-aware observer. Another thing is that the degrees of this impact differ, as well as its manifestation on the implementation plan (in the implemented reality).

    • If it already occurs to the observed degree, then it can never be just a symptom of a mental disorder, since the impact becomes possible for implementation (reaching the probability level) only under the condition of an internal balance (equilibrium) that provides for control of the process. On the other hand, some distorted ideas are certainly the result of such a disorder, and in some cases, such disorders may be the result of a violation of the conditional “safety technique” in the course of mental experiments on oneself. In each individual case, you need to understand individually.

    • this is definitely not a “gift of the chosen ones”, but it is not an “ability of everyone”either. Only hypothetically, everyone has the opportunity in the process of life to go beyond the limits defined by the majority. If there are prerequisites for this, expressed in the possibility of displaying certain qualities that identify the consciousness of a particular person.

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