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  1. It is impossible to answer this question in any way unambiguously, for someone it is more important how a person looks and how much they will adorn themselves with their presence next to them. For others, it is important to be able to talk to a person on deep topics, and not enjoy only nice external data.

  2. Mind. Beauty is a relative thing.�

    And then: if you have a brain, you can achieve popularity, love, and attention if you want. Even without plastic surgery or a major change in the ” bad ” appearance.�

    Because charisma decides.

  3. Mind. Beauty is an ephemeral thing, today it is-tomorrow it is not. Moreover, you can get used to any appearance. When we are close to someone, any external features are perceived as “our own, native”, and therefore beautiful in their own way. This is not the case with stupidity. The better you get to know a person, the more irritated they become by their stupidity and the more open their mind becomes. Yes, and with age, the mind is honed, and beauty fades. So the choice is obvious.

  4. Mind, no doubt. For me, intelligence is akin to inner beauty, if, of course, a person is not arrogant.�

    Well, being smart, you can figure out that in our time you can also do plastic surgery.

  5. Beauty, of course. From a big mind – great suffering.

    It's much easier and more enjoyable to live your life as a dumb hunk.

    I might be wrong, though.

  6. Is it about intelligence / beauty in general or when choosing a partner? In any case, this product is perishable and sooner or later time will take its toll. In addition, the appearance can be changed, something can be corrected. But to constantly communicate or be in a relationship with a narrow-minded person is a dubious pleasure. Human stupidity can have serious consequences, but what happens if someone doesn't have an athletic build and a nose in the middle of their face?It is more rational and even, probably, more pragmatic to focus on intelligence, and then on external attributes.

  7. it depends on your attitude and what you choose.
    for example, when choosing a prostitute, perhaps beauty will be a stronger argument.
    However, when choosing a spouse – you need to think better. remember-you sleep with each other for 30 minutes-an hour a day, and live the other 23 hours!

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