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  1. The walls of a soap bubble have a thickness (it doesn't matter what, but it is), so the bubble is “material” (well, if you like the term). Immaterial (i.e. “perfect”) something that shows itself, but has no “thickness”. There is no particular quirk in your question.

    “Thickness” in this case is a manifestation of” essentiality “(Naive materialists – there is such a trend in philosophy – call this”materiality”). But there are many phenomena – a kind of “cracks without thickness”, that is, phenomena of a truly ideal nature.

    For example, two sounds of different pitch – the sound ” do “and the sound” mi “- these two sounds are “essential” (“material”). And their combination is called “big third” – this is the name of the musical interval. This interval, the third, is the “crack without thickness”: it SHOWS ITSELF, but there is no” materiality “(“essence”) in it.

    Such “cracks without thickness” can be considered as Absolutes, because they represent the “identity of phenomenon and existence” – their Existence (existencia) is completely exhausted by their Appearance to us (existencia == phaenomenon).

    The soap bubble is material, but the manifestation of the ideal is that you see it at all (the phenomenon of discrimination), that is, the “crack without thickness” between the bubble and the non-bubble. Without it, there would be no bubble.

    Congratulations. To the sacramental question of naive materialists “what is primary, matter or consciousness?” (and then, they just can't sleep, so it bothers them) we can give a confident answer: Consciousness is primary.

  2. Sure. A strange question, in my opinion, everyone who inflated soap bubbles could feel their materiality when they burst and scattered with splashes of soapy water. Actually, soap bubbles are a certain volume of air limited by a film of a concentrated aqueous solution of a surfactant (for example, soap or other detergent). This film is a surface film of water enclosed in a sphere. The surface film of water forms bubbles even without surfactants, this can be observed with intensive mixing, but these bubbles are very fragile and almost immediately burst. Dissolved surfactant molecules strengthen this film and increase the life span of the bubble.

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