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  1. Yes, anything that is excessive is harmful! In the Russian alphabet, the letter “Z” before the reforms sounded like “Zelo”, which meant “Too much”,” Too much “or”Excessively”. In our time, the word “Zelo” has lost the letter “e”, and is known as” Evil”, which meant”Too Much”. And Evil is when you do too hard what you don't need to do:) There are three states in nature: goodness (sattva), passion (rajas), and ignorance (tamas). And, interestingly, in any of these states, you simply will not be able to be excessively long. For example, ignorance, and the safest form of it is sleep. And so, in this state, as a person does not puff up, but it will not be possible to stay in it for too long. What about passion? The safest form of passion is physical labor. And? Fatigue comes after a maximum of 7 or 8 hours. And after that, you need to rest, which is another form of tamas that is absolutely necessary. Ah, what about goodness? This is a wonderful state of flow, learning, reflection, and peace. However, it also requires strength, usually intellectual. You will not be able to spend too long in it, because fatigue comes and night comes, and if you do not sleep, you will still have to go to bed the next night. Excess in any field leads to a habit, to focus on this object, or occupation. And ultimately to physical and mental exhaustion. Any bad habit appears out of excess, like any disease, signals an excess in something. The golden mean in their affairs, helped many to maintain their productivity and joy. And in architecture and painting, the golden ratio has helped many talents become famous. In nature, people call the golden ratio beauty. So the middle way is a hint from nature itself.

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