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  1. There is no God-I agree. There is no one God who created the world.

    There are no higher beings. The main thing is that the creatures themselves are there. Theoretically, they are not the highest, but they differ significantly from ordinary people.

    Here, for example, is a datsan in St. Petersburg:

    This is practically, but theoretically:

    Does Buddhism consider itself a religion and Buddhists consider themselves religious people?

    Is Buddhism a religion or rather a philosophy ?

    Buddhism is a religion without a god, but in the story of the Buddha (Sedharta) there are still gods (for example, Mara-the God of desires).Why is that?

    Why is Buddhism a religion if there is no God in it?

    Is Buddhism a religion or a philosophy of life?

    Why is Buddhism called an atheist religion?

  2. Buddhism has nothing to do with religion, it is pure philosophy. In this philosophy, no one worships anyone and everyone can achieve nirvana—the main goal of Buddhism. We know that in all our teaching, that one process of nature symbolizes another; that the big is only a repetition of the small, on a larger scale. What has a definite beginning usually also has an end. Buddhism – – – “behavior, outlook, and meditation.” Wisdom is the Buddha himself. With respect.

  3. “Buddhism

    The founder of Buddhism is Prince Shakyamuni, or, as he was also called, Siddhartha Gautama, who lived either in the VI–V centuries BC, or, most likely, in the IV century BC. All the current biographies of the Buddha (as his followers called him) are the fruit of later conclusions based on his teachings. The main ideological foundations of Buddhism are: nonviolence; reverence for any form of life; getting rid of passions as a cause of suffering.” “History of Philosophy”) As you can see, there is not a single sign of religion here, it is a philosophical school founded by man, and not by God.

  4. Good afternoon!

    Buddhism is the oldest of the three world religions. The Buddha was a human being, and when he grew up, he saw the truth of life: disease, vice, poverty, hunger… surrounding him around in India. He began to think about how a person should behave so that there would be less of this in his life? And if everyone thinks about their own prosperity, accordingly, the total mass of people will logically live in less horror. So he came up with the doctrine of the Middle Way… that is, the Golden mean, if the European concepts. Yoga helps to focus the spirit, ashrams and prayers are places of life for monks, but lay people can also come there for enlightenment. India still has a strict caste system: if you are born in one, you will not pass to another…

    The cornerstone of Buddhism is the concept of Samsara. That is, being a righteous person in your caste during your lifetime, after death you will either be reborn if you have not learned to accept fate and live the philosophy of the Middle Way, or if you have become wiser (so to speak), you will find yourself in what we call paradise, and for Buddhists this is Nirvana.

    In general, this is the same world religion as all the others, only it was born in a very hot climate.

    I hope my answer was useful to you!

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  5. Budlizmov many

    There are common) Buddhisms :

    Southeast Asia



    These are certainly religions in the truest sense of the word. Worship of Buddhas and deities to the fullest. Prayers, all things.

    There are refined high teachings, they are supported by the schools of Buddhism:four schools of Tibetan Buddhism, plus Bon, many Zen sects, the famous Chinese Chan, and probably other schools I don't know. Plenty.

    These are rather mystical and philosophical teachings with a practical program for the realization of a certain mystical state of the adept.�

    Just do not forget about Buddhism as a social institution, part of the state machine. Medvedev, here, our Mongolian Buddhists have appointed the embodiment of Green Packaging.

    In general, my advice to you is not to go after shortcuts. The word religion or teaching can hide a completely different story every time 😉 Good luck to you!

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