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  1. Christ is not just a household name that distinguishes the Lord Jesus from other people with the same name, it is a title.“The Messiah; the Anointed One”, “The Savior”
    Christ Jesus lived on earth as a human being.In 1 Timothy 2: (5 For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus, 6 who gave himself as a ransom for all men. This was witnessed in due course ).Christ became the Mediator.

  2. Yhwh-yhwh

    These four letters (which are read from right to left) can be transliterated into Russian as YHVH (or IgVH).

    It is interesting that on all Russian ancient and modern maps and globes, the capital of Israel is written not Yahvesalim, not Sabaothosalim, but Jerusalem, from the word Jehovah.
    So how do I pronounce it correctly in Russian< Yahweh>>>??

    Let's ask Yahweh Himself! Many thousands of years ago, he said that the capital of Israel would be named after him, written:

    <<(Jer 25: 29) “For behold, I begin to bring evil upon this city that is called by my NAME” ><(Jer 25: 29) “For behold, I begin to bring evil upon this city that is called by my NAME”>>

    Why do you not call the capital of Israel Sabaothosalim, or Yahvesalim, but pronounce and write Jerusalem from the word Jehovah?
    Isn't it because all the Russian speakers, all the centuries, called the capital of Israel, as it is written in the prophecy: JErusalem, from the word Jehovah, and not from the word Jahvesalim or Sabaothosalim, is it not because Jehovah himself called his NAME on this city in order to disgrace all those who oppose the NAME of Jehovah, because they themselves, their children, their neighbors, and their enemies glorify the NAME of Jehovah, and they disgrace themselves when they use the capital of Israel in their speech, for example, saying: < < and in Jerusalem today is a holiday.>< and in Jerusalem today is a holiday.>>

    Try telling your relatives or your children: <>>>and show them this city on the map!!!!
    I wish you every success in your endeavor.

  3. Christ is a development of the ideas of Judaism and some Eastern religions. In terms of distribution, this is a transition from a religion within one nation to a religion for many nations. As a development of monotheism, Christ is a manifestation of God, who is one. Therefore, Christ is a God for the poor and rich, just like God the father. As a manifestation, Christ is closer to mortals because he has walked the mortal path. Both religions have developed along the path of charity over the centuries, Christianity comes from Christ, Judaism has several schools, and there is even something close to Zen. There is no reason to oppose them, just as Christ never opposed himself to his father.

  4. It is not entirely clear why Yahweh is compared to Christ. Yahweh is the name of the true God the Father, who sent Christ. The abbreviation translates as “I existed, I exist, I will exist”. God is One and according to Christianity it is Yahweh, who has a trinity in the Trinity-God, the Father, the Holy Spirit. Which means it's the same thing. When we turn to Christ, we turn to God the Father, because they are One. What does it have to do with the poor?�

    The ideas and morals of the Old and New Testaments overlap. Both have the idea of helping the poor.

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