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  1. Matter manifests itself in certain objects of the real world. The smallest representative of matter is the atom. If we are talking about energy (a particular manifestation of which is matter, as they say “E=MC '2”), it also has its own elementary units, for example, electricity is the flow of electrons.

    Information is not related to matter/energy, it is information about objects

    reality and their interaction.

    The human body, and in particular the brain, is a material object, the structure of which allows you to store large amounts of information (like a computer's hard disk). Consciousness, in this analogy, acts as an operating system, allowing you to analyze incoming information and process it.

  2. If I understand the word “matter” correctly, then hardly. Consciousness( at least according to modern concepts) Rather, it is a process that occurs with the coordinated work of billions of neurons and glial cells.

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