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  1. Of course, the very teaching of reincarnation is silly.

    If spiritual knowledge or physical knowledge were preserved during reincarnation, then reincarnation would have some meaning, but every person is born as a blank sheet, he has no spiritual or physical knowledge, which means no spiritual evolution takes place, the teaching of reincarnation is absolutely false from a logical point of view.

  2. evolution is not the same as development or progress .. evolution – survival, sorting out options, random mutations, “the strongest survives” , etc. crap that is suitable only for social Darwinism.

    it is hardly necessary to put evolution and spirituality in one phrase )) otherwise, a terrible monster may grow up.

    reincarnation is not necessary at all, it is just a given, it is a way to preserve the population of the dominant biological species on the planet, the species called humanity.

    when there were no people, the people on earth were bears, some monkeys, some deer .. and before that, some dinosaurs were human .. human souls will be reincarnated into beings in one way or another, regardless of what those beings are.. the main thing is that they are at least somewhat capable of representing the humanity of the planet.

    if all humans die, then maybe raccoons or dolphins will become humans.

    and the soul that is currently sitting in a living person, somewhere in the edge of consciousness knows all this .. and she doesn't care at all.

    there is no question of any spirituality in reincarnation .. we are talking about humanity, about the ability to develop the intelligence of the embodied species ..

    it just so happens that people, as a biological species, are peculiar .. their morality requires justification, and spirituality is the very justification without which people will kill each other.

    since people have human souls, and people need to somehow maintain humanity, people cultivate spirituality and theories about it, as something that provides them with the continuation of reincarnations in human bodies .. just because people don't want to be born raccoons in the next life))) ..

    and if the reincarnation machine decides that people are fucked up and can't cope, then undoubtedly it will change the appearance to some other one … and then the wiser raccoons (then people, that is, we ourselves) will walk around the remains of human cities and look at people with interest .. and people will gnaw at each other's throats in an animal frenzy, and maybe they will climb trees again.

  3. As one person said:
    The fact is that reincarnation proceeds from the idea that the soul “migrates from body to body”, forgetting previous lives. Accordingly, humanity initially had a limited number of psychic cores (souls), which were then infused into the bodies of people, animals, and so on. The problem is that the number of living beings on the planet Earth was constantly increasing, and the number of souls had to (according to this theory) remain constant. And then we are faced with two possible ways of argumentation with an attempt to combine reincarnation with the scientific fact of an increase in the number of individuals of different species (living biomass):
    1 The number of souls was originally created huge, so that it was enough for all beings born in the future on Earth. But then it is not clear in what bodies these souls were incarnated before the growth of the number of living individuals. The traditional concept of reincarnation does not tell us this.
    2 The number of souls was initially small, but then it began to grow, or some of the creatures were without souls at all. But this is contradicted by both the traditional concept of reincarnation (in which the number of souls simply cannot grow later, because the Atman is already “lost” in Maya), and scientific evidence that a person, at least, has a developed psyche with self-consciousness (that is, it is impossible to exist with or without a soul).
    You can try to get out of the difficulties of positions 1 or 2 by admitting the presence of many inhabited worlds-planets with a huge number of souls (Roerichianism, Blavatsky's theosophy, The Rose of the World, etc. occult systems) or even to deny the psychic integrity of the soul (Buddhism). But then we are faced with the phenomenon of “making up after the fact”, when, in order to justify a certain position, more and more new excuses are later invented for it. Firstly, these justifications destroy the original doctrine of reincarnation in general (by the way, in occult systems it even changes the moral sign from bad to traditional, to good in occult), and secondly, this way you can justify absolutely anything with the help of new arbitrary assumptions (if to clarify the theory you need to invent all new arbitrary assumptions that are not originally contained in it, then this is not an unscientific, but an anti-scientific theory). And finally, we have absolutely no evidence of “multiple intelligent inhabited worlds”, the universe is silent and does not give us any signals, which leads us to conclude either 1) we are unique in this part of the visible Universe, 2) all developed intelligent beings on other planets died before reaching civilization (which again brings us back to the problem of the number of souls and where they were). There is also the ancient theory of reincarnation with the” pre-existence ” of souls, but it is based on the idea of “agnosticism” (that is, it is not clear where exactly the soul lives, before moving into the body). There are fewer logical blunders, but objections remain for her (although of a slightly different kind).
    Well, I personally know that Christianity is the truth, and the Lord taught that everyone is given only one life, and after physical death there is no life, but one day each person will be resurrected and he will be rewarded for his earthly life.

  4. Personally, it would be okay for me that my sister, who was born without one lung and died a month after birth (give her strength from the outside, because I don't believe in God), the realization that her soul was reborn into some kind of person. Give my parents strength, too, because I would not have been able to survive the death of a newborn child. As a scientist, I am generally interested in the theory that the science of something is stabilized on our belief in this very science. Thanks to my colleague for this. And here is the question about the wheel of samsara. Personally, I believe that our souls are not disposable. And they deserve the fate they deserve. Personally, I want to be a pet cat, because I know for myself that I was neither good nor bad.

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