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  1. Depends on who.

    But since we belong to humanity, we can only apply the human scale. According to it, the human is separate, and everything else is nature (living or not living). That is, one is not part of the other.

  2. I would call the activity of humanity for nature – it's like if our AI broke free in the worst traditions of the “Terminator”or ” Matrix”. Here nature-evolution is swarming and messing around, bugs-worms, the wolf ate a sheep, there were no sheep, the wolf starved to death, there were fewer wolves – sheep were bred and let's start again. And then bang – a man with a brain, and this brain is getting bigger and bigger every day, and now the man has broken out of the food chain – that he has predators, that herbivores, that habitats and food lands – what he wanted, he did. Beyond any limits and laws.

    Therefore, it seems to me that man, although a part of nature, is independent and not controlled, unlike other flora and fauna.

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