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  1. Technology itself cannot be ethical or unethical. But this may be the application of technology.

    The two main ethical problems of genome editing are the need for the development of technology to experiment on human embryos and then grow them into full-fledged people who did not agree to be the result of the experiment, and the possible abuse of technology that leads to increasing inequality between people. There is nothing unethical about using genome editing to treat diseases.

  2. Depends on what you want to do.

    There are many diseases that are either inherited or predisposed to them. Would you like your child not to have, say, an increased risk of heart disease? Or diabetes? Or else heaps of diseases that a very large number of people bring to the grave before the age of 40, even with the modern, relatively high level of medicine?

    I don't know, in this regard, for me personally, the question is somehow not even worth much.

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