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  1. Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin was a poet. Not with a capital letter, but just a poet. A very good and talented poet. And this is where you need to finish with the definitions. It is NOT a “standard of national thinking” at all. He is NOT ” our everything!” AND NOT the genius of all times and peoples and NOT our civil conscience. And there is no need for mournful howls and fan shouts. The klikushestvo around Pushkin is disgusting. Everything that was invented around his name was done by not very smart people. All this is propaganda and cheap nationalism. If the Germans have Goethe, then we must have our own Goethe – Pushkin!�

    He was just a human being! With its own set of oddities, stupidities and shortcomings. He was not very clean, he did not always smell good, and he had a strange habit for a man-to grow long nails and publicly clean them with a sharp stick. He was small and puny. He wore high heels and carried a heavy-headed walking stick. He was lustful, promiscuous, and frequented brothels. He was obscenely superstitious and was a gambling gambler. And after all, he was a Negro! An ugly Negro, too. Moreover, in a Slavic country. But all this did not prevent him from becoming a brilliant poet. Maybe even a great poet, but-we must stop there. And so it is not at all surprising that events that did not excite him as a person passed by without arousing any interest.�

    P.S. – I read about a very enthusiastic mosaic artist who worked so hard on his mosaics that he did not notice either the Great October Revolution or the Civil War…You know what I mean?

  2. Of course, for Russia, Pushkin is a great poet. but he would have become a world-class figure if he had been allowed to go abroad. His excellent knowledge of French, his personal acquaintance with the great poets of that time, his undoubted talent, or rather genius, I am sure would have made him one of the first poets in Europe. Unfortunately, all his travels were very parochial.

  3. ..Ah, the Chinese are killing wildlife by using billions of bamboo sticks every day… Epic)))

    …just the opinion of an authoritative music director about A. S. Pushkin: – “the Russian man in his development”, “in him the Russian nature, the Russian soul, the Russian language, the Russian character were reflected in the same purity, in such purified beauty, in which the landscape is reflected on the convex surface of optical glass”. Muzchina's name is N. V. Gogol. And Yes. I do not know about personal hygiene and sexual preferences of Nikolai Vasilyevich. As, however, and yours))

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